GDPR portal

Nuweb Group has always been committed to providing our customers with full ownership and control of your end-customer data. We believe in collecting data through transparent positive opt-ins and empowering your end-customers to manage their marketing preferences.

GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018 to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU and address the export of personal data outside the EU. We are here to help our customers comply with the new GDPR requirements by providing robust and customisable tools to collate, process and manage your end-customer data.

Through this dedicated GDPR Portal, and a series of emails we will be keeping our customers up to date with these important changes.


What does Nuweb Group offer event organisers to help comply with GDPR?

The Nutickets software acts as a Data Processor for your end-customer data. We are committed to equip you as Data Controllers with all the tools you need to manage your own customer data in line with the new GDPR requirements.

  • Providing privacy information – As Data Controllers, you are required to supply your customers with your privacy information including how children’s personal data is handled. We have made this possible for you by enabling you to display your Privacy Policy in your ticket shop.
  • Seeking positive consent – We have now further developed the marketing preferences section on your ticket shop. You are able to customise the text through your admin dashboard. Just as importantly, your customers are able to manage their marketing preferences through their own Nuweb Group accounts. Read our GDPR Guide.
  • Consent documentation – Nuweb Group now keeps a detailed record of what your customers consented to, including what you told them, and when and how they consented. This can be viewed in your dashboard under the customer’s profile or the full list can be downloaded.

Where is my end-customer data stored?

All end-customer data that you collect through our system is stored on Amazon Web Servers (AWS), that may be transferred between any of the AWS data centres within the EEA Region, including Ireland, UK, Germany and France.

More information can be found in our Privacy Policy under Section 8.

Whom should I contact if I have a questions about Nuweb Group and GDPR?

Customers with GDPR related questions should contact their dedicated Nuweb Group Account Manager.