Reserved Seating for Events

Visualise your venue with an interactive seating plan with Nutickets Pro!

  • Create bespoke venue plans, sell Reserved Seating or GA tickets
  • Improve the booking flow with easy navigation, on any mobile device
  • Increase spending through upselling products and merchandise
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Create bespoke seating plans

Replicate your unique venue with with extensive customisation options.

  • Seats, rows and tables
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Varying price bands

Take advantage of our full support with large-scale reserved seating plans.

Reserved Seating Plan
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Reserved Seating with Facebook Login

Enhance your booking flow

Provide a simple, user-friendly interface for ticket sales.

Empower your attendees to choose their own seats.

Speed up the booking process with quick Facebook log in.

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Provide a fully optimised experience

Capitalise on our unique, fully mobile-optimised reserved seating solution.

Seamlessly responsive even with the most complex seating plans.

  • Super-fast load time
  • Easy pinch to zoom
  • Effortless seat selection

Speed up your seat reservation!

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Mobile-optimised Reserved Seating

Product Upsell Reserved Seating

Increase spending with event merchandise!

Sell products & services with your tickets to increase secondary spending.

Reduce queues with a quick pre-event venue collection.

Receive your extra revenues straight to your bank account.