Connect with your customers and increase sales with your own branded e-wallet app

Simplify the payment process by eliminating the need for carrying cash or cards, customers have the freedom to top up their cashless accounts & track transactions through their eWallets. Attendees will love the autonomy, you’ll love the accountability.

Top-up credits on the go

Attendees can skip the queues by preloading their account balance or top-up on the go through the eWallet app.

Customers can feel comfortable tapping their RFID wristband to pay at vendors knowing they can top up online and never have to worry about cash.

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Sell it all with eWallet

eWallet gives your customers a simple and more secure way to pay with their smartphone devices. Customers can use their eWallet balance freely to buy ticks, products and even make donations without the hassle of having to find their cards.
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Coming soon

Shared bills, made easy

We’ve made requesting and sending money easier and faster, no more joint accounts needed. You can share and send balances with friends in just a few taps so pays their share from their own bank account.
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View transactions at a glance

No need to wait for end-of-day reports - eWallet analytics help you track and reconcile transaction activity in real-time, from desktop or mobile. You can view summary reports in the dashboard to get to know your customers better, how much they spend, and see what’s selling.

Transform the event experience

  • Top up on the go
  • RFID wristband integration
  • View transactions at a glance
  • White label, branded wearables
  • Optional on-site training & support

One platform for all your tools

Create, manage and analyse your campaigns from your Nutickets dashboard with our add-on extensions.

Get the solution that’s right for you

We can help to transform the event experience at every step of the customer journey. We’re built ready to serve events of all types and sizes worldwide. Let’s discuss the solutions that are right for your events.