Event Merchandise

Sell event merchandise to boost your revenues with Nutickets Pro!

Upsell merchandise, products and services with your event tickets at the point of checkout

Product sales through ticket shop

Mobile-optimised purchase flow

Pre-event revenue generation

Product variations & stock management

Powerful customer data collection

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Secure pre-event revenues

Upsell any kind of products, such as T-shirts, drinks, accommodation or VIP packages, alongside your tickets to increase overall basket spend.

Set up multiple product types with ease. List different sizes, colours and other variants.

Incentivise pre-event spending by offering exclusive or discounted items before the event.

Event-Merchandise with product options
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Event-Merchandise Mobile Optimised

Improve the attendee experience

Simplify the purchase flow. Sell merchandise with your tickets directly from your website and Facebook page.

Empower your attendees to shop on the go by providing a smooth, fully mobile-optimised experience.

Reduce queues on the day with convenient collection on arrival or luxurious table service.

Harness the power of data

Manage your inventory stock and analyse sales with real time reports from your central Nutickets dashboard.

Gather powerful customer data at every stage in the buying process. Use this insight for targeted marketing campaigns.

Carefully track items to ensure demands are met and reduce stock wastage at your events.

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+44 (0)161 226 4344