NU Cashless Payment System

RFID Technology for Live Events

  • Replace inefficient cash handling with quick tap & go payments.
  • Boost your revenues by 30% with increased customer spending.
  • Capture customer data to increase marketing opportunities.
  • Manage event entry and cashless payments online or offline.
  • Analyse your event success with real-time reporting.

Cashless payment system for events

Why NuCashless?

Why NuCashless?

Increase event revenues by more than 30%

Secure access control and smooth entrance flow

Integrated ticketing, entry management and cashless payment solution

Speedy on-site top ups and redemption – online and offline

More efficient purchasing process, 3 times faster than cash

Greater security and lower risk – No cash handling

Customer data capture throughout the event process

Real-time sales and audience reporting tools

Improve sponsorship opportunities

Flexible cashless technology

  • Online or offline operation
  • Android or iOS devices
  • QR or RFID technology
  • Pairing to cards or wristbands

Your Starter Kit

Cashless Kit

Cashless Kit

  • Readers
    • For RFID / NFC:
    • Scanning devices: any device that supports Android 4.4 or above. We recommend Famoco FX100 or Samsung A3 or above.
    • For QR codes:
    • Scanning devices: any iOS device with the latest iOS or Android device 4.4 or above
  • Wireless printers (optional):
    • QR Wristbands: HC100
    • QR Wristbands/badges: GX420t
  • Media
    • RFID wristbands/tags/cards supported:
    • MIFARE DESFire EV1 4K
    • MIFARE Classic EV1 1K

Before the event

Before the event

  • Sign up and create Nutickets account
  • Set up your event/s and ticket types
  • Set up your online shop and products
  • Sell credits before the event
  • Decide on event set up:
    • Online /offline
    • RFID / QR code
    • Scanning devices

During the event

During the event

  • Establish Venue entry operation – staff and equipment
  • Validate the ticket using the Nutickets Entry App (online or offline) and:
    • Pair the ticket with RFID wristband/card/badge
    • Or print a QR wristband/badge
  • Establish bar staff operation and equipment to process cashless purchases
  • Tap/scan with the Nutickets Shop App to process purchase (RFID tap online and offline / QR code scan online only)
  • Top up / cash out station enabling customers to top up or cash out credits – Use Nutickets Shop App (RFID tap online and offline / QR code scan online only)