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Get more with Nutickets

Industry-leading features. Hands-on customer support.
Create custom event pages
Give your fans the information they’re looking for with custom-built event pages. With our flexible builder, you can launch beautiful event pages that convert more.
Sell event tickets from your website
Sell tickets directly from your website and encourage a smooth customer journey. Keep your fans on your platform and avoid third-party sites exposing your customers to competitor events.
Brand and customise your events
With our digital toolkit, you can easily add your branding to each step of the customer’s journey, from event listings to checkout, in just a few clicks.
Event setup wizard
Get started, create your events and start selling in minutes. Our smart dashboard and personalised checklists help you go from plan to publish in a flash.
Real-time reporting
Analyse and gain insight into your events performance. See ticket sales, most popular items and customer demographics in real-time.
Guest lists
Quickly and easily create guest lists, organise them into categories and automate sign-ups during your event registration.
Set your own fees
Customise the ticketing fee for extra revenue. Choose to absorb fees at your own expense or pass them onto the customer as a processing fee.
Multiple payment gateways
Choose from gateways from around the world including Stripe, Paypal, Quickpay, Sumup, Paytabs.
Access codes
Safeguard tickets and products to users with access keys. Create as many keys as you like, and set which ticket types are bookable to individuals with a code.
Box office sales
Ability to accept reservations for tickets and seats over the phone or counter and send payment link via email to the customer to complete the purchase online


Brand and customise your online store
Customise your store from the ground up. Effortlessly create a branded shop to showcase your products in a unique way.
Cross-sell and upsell
Boost your sales with cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Add suggested event add-ons for products and services to grow your average order value.
Package products together
Offer curated bundles, bulk discount packages and complementary products that can be purchased together.
Coupons & discount codes
Create discounts with our coupon builder to grow sales with promotions or build loyalty with referrals. Use ready to go discount options available out-of-the-box.
Store management
Keep track of inventory, variations, and bundled items. Advanced management tools keep inventory maintained with automatic stock adjustments and advanced reporting.
Product reports
Build in-depth reports and uncover your most profitable products, sales channels or stock levels over time.
Unlimited products and variations
If you sell it, list it. There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store.
Donations & JustGiving integration
Accept donations at checkout. Allow customers to log in and interact with Justgiving within the purchase flow.


Create powerful forms
Add different field types, enable conditions to capture GDPR compliant data and vet sign-ups to build an audience for your event.
Guest lists
Easily manage guest lists, all your entries are automatically synchronised so you are always up to date.
Guest list validation
Protect your event from unauthorised guests. Our vetting feature adds an extra layer of security by enabling hosts to accept or decline all guest entries.
Guest list only tickets
Offer discounted tickets without showing those to the general public. Customers can purchase exclusive tickets that are only valid with a guest list entry.
Marketing automation
Connect to your favourite tools to send automatic emails the easy way. Set up a welcome series, or automate follow-ups to emails when your contacts are most interested.
Sort, filter, and export
With our Data Export feature, you can download all of your registrations and list submission data as a CSV file so you can share it with your team.

Event registration

Intuitive design tools
Adjust your seating chart with precision. With a set of design-focused tools you can curve, skew and rotate rows or blocks until they’re just right.
Image upload
Image upload helps you match your existing floor plan with more accuracy. Trace over an existing floor plan of your venue to create a perfect replica.
Accessibility tools
Show wheelchair spaces and accessible facilities by displaying the accessibility icon over seats. Highlight the area with a blue colour to make it instantly recognisable.
Create areas
Create large scale seat stadium layouts with spectator areas and gates for different seating sections, making it easier to scale things up or down.
Add price bands
Set up tiered pricing with price bands & highlight best seats. Customisable options allow you to differentiate different sections with contrasting colours and shapes.
Block out seats and areas
Determine which seats or areas you want to be disable from booking, whether you want to keep aisle seats free or ensure social distancing within your venue.

Reserved Seating

Stream directly from your website
Live stream your events straight from your website or landing page. Keep your fans on your website, and deliver a fully customisable and branded experience.
Keep your stream private
Stay secure & eliminate unauthorised access. We're able to restrict ticket holders to one view session per ticket, if the stream link is copied the link will not be valid.
Best in class providers
We’ve teamed up with Vimeo, Youtube, and Zoom to offer different features depending on your requirements.
Sell tickets online
Sell tickets to a private live stream with our integrated ticketing solution. Customers can book their unique place at the event only valid with ticket purchase.
Insights in real-time
Gain insight into your live stream sessions. Track attendance or take a deep dive into audience engagement to visualise your events performance

Virtual Events

Validate access with a scan
Scan QR enabled mobile tickets for automatic validation to fast-track your attendees into your events.
Set up zones
Create multiple access zones and set rules to automatically accept or decline fans based on ticket types, capacity limits and specific times of the day.
Multi-level access
Assign ticket types single or multiple access zones in your venue. Allow VIP’s access to both backstage and general admission and verify permissions automatically.
Track capacity in real-time
Access real-time attendee data and actively manage attendance. Analyse traffic flow, the capacity of specific areas and overall tickets scanned.
Access App
Our access control pro app turns your smartphone into a ticket scanner, helps verify attendee details digitally, and keeps track of attendance and footfall with live data.
Manual lookup
Manually search for attendees who’ve purchased a ticket for an event to validate entry without a psychical or digital ticket present.
IOS and Android compatible
Use the Access Control App on Android and iOS devices. All features and functionality supported on both operating systems.
Print tickets & badges
Print tickets and badges in an instant to check in guests on arrival.

Access Control

Sell in multiple languages
Become a truly global brand, enable multilingual options so that users can switch their preferred languages on your website.
Sell in multiple countries
Enable a variety of currencies, and allow customers to carry out smoother transactions in their local currency.
Multi sales tax
Set up local tax codes to maintain digital tax records and generate sales tax receipts to ensure 100% compliance with the latest legislation on every item that you sell.
Multi payment gateway
Localise your checkout by accepting payments globally with multiple local payment methods.
Multiple timezones and date formatting
We support several options for timestamps, time zones, time ranges, and dates. Easily select time zone and date formatting for the relevant country.


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