St Mary Abbots case study

About the client

St Mary Abbots is a Church dating back to 1262, located in the exclusive district of Kensington in London. As an early adopter of many new technologies, such as being one of the first churches in the country to install cashless donation boxes, they pave the way for other churches to follow suit.


Each year, St Mary Abbots hosts a number of family-friendly events, such as this year’s spectacular Summer Garden Fete.


In previous years, as there was no ticketing system in place, the organisers weren’t able to tell how many people attended their annual fete, record attendee numbers or control takings.

The organisers also experienced security issues with cash handling and could not identify which stalls generated the most revenues at the event.

St Mary Abbots wanted to reduce security risks and gain better insight through data collection, empowering them to take full control over the event and make informed decisions for the future.

In summary, St Mary Abbots was looking to:

  • Track the footfall of the event
  • Replace inefficient cash-handling
  • Analyse the performance of the stalls

We combined our ticketing solution and innovative cashless event system to create an all-in-one solution, to eliminate cash-handling issues and to provide the organisers with real-time attendance reporting.

We didn’t just hand everything over and disappear into the shadows – our support team was there every step of the way to make sure the transition to a cashless payment system was simple and smooth.


Before the event, Nutickets provided a bespoke online ticket shop that St Mary Abbots embedded seamlessly into their website. This enabled the organisers to manage all their ticket sales online, and to measure attendance by analysing sales.

On arrival at the venue, the e-tickets were quickly scanned with the Entry App, then attendees were issued with their unique RFID enabled wristbands loaded with their personal data.

Cashless payments

Transitioning to a new technology may seem like a challenging process, but our cashless experts were on hand every step of the way. Our team provided support for the event from start to finish - from setting up the products in the Nutickets system and preparing the RFID scanners; to providing on-site training for the operations teams.

On arrival attendees were able to load credits to their wristbands and spend them on food, drinks and fun activities with a quick tap.


Every time a purchase was made with the wristbands, it was recorded in the Nutickets system, which enabled the organisers to analyse sales and to identify the best performing products & stalls. This insight empowered St Mary Abbots with an arsenal of data, to make informed decisions for their future events.