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Magical Festival Goes Cashless with RFID Wristbands

Magical Festival case study

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About the client

Magical Festival is a brand new arts and music festival with a strong focus on physical and emotional wellbeing. The organisers decided to transform the three-day celebration of individuality into a completely cashless event.


The now very successful festival, began as a private party in 2016 hosted by a group of friends with the aim of inspiring guests to be the best versions of themselves. With such great feedback, they knew they wanted to share this with a wider audience. They officially launched Magical in 2017 and hosted the first festival open to the public in 2018. The festival represents a passion for uplifting music and dancing and curate all of their stages with multi-genre music that people enjoy.


The organisers were looking to host a seamless cashless event, so they could eliminate the security issues and inefficiencies associated with cash payments. In addition, the Magical team required a solution for replacing the inefficient token system to provide free meals to crew members and volunteers.

Magical Festival required detailed sales reporting, giving them the ability to assess which vendors performed the best, to make informed decisions for future events.

Since there was no Wi-Fi in the middle of the field at Haywards Heath, it was essential that the solution would work seamlessly offline.

RFID wristbands
Discover Cashless
Magical Festival was transformed into a completely cash-free venue, eliminating the security issues associated with cash handling. At check-in, attendees were handed their unique Magical branded RFID wristbands, that they could load with credits to spend on food, drinks and activity passes with just a quick tap - resulting in reduced queueing times and increased revenues across the board.
Voucher system
Discover Access Control
The organisers were able to control the free meal allocations for crew members and volunteers, all within our RFID event solution. Crew members were handed their RFID wristbands loaded with digital meal tokens on arrival, enabling them to claim their free meals with a quick scan of their wristbands. This digital system greatly improved the verification process and operational efficiency.
Real-time reporting
Discover cashless
Every cashless transaction was recorded offline securely and uploaded to the Nutickets database post-event, allowing the organisers to identify the best performing vendors, products and services. This valuable insight enabled the festival organisers to improve their offering at future events to provide an even better experience for their Magical fans.
The Solutions

An event to remember

Our integrated RFID event solution fulfilled the requirements in one fell swoop. Nutickets provided an all-in-one offline cashless payment and digital token system to improve security and efficiency, complete with a powerful suite of reporting tools.
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