Great Central Railway case study

About the client

The Great Central Railway gives passengers the chance to travel on a heritage railway. The attraction, in Loughborough, is the only place in the world where passengers can see the thrill of full-size steam trains passing each other at speed.


100,000 people visit the attraction every year to step back in time and ride the rails. The railway hosts special events, fine dining services and ‘Drive a Locomotive’ experiences through the Leicestershire countryside.


To support their plans for digital transformation, GC Rail decided to rethink their system for event management and move away from their in-house legacy software.

GC Rail was looking for a powerful system which could support a range of tickets and transactions, including one off admissions for special events, timeslots throughout the day, and seating reservations. 

Nuweb Group was chosen as the partner that could provide the right resources to help them build their vision and provide an intuitive experience for box-office staff and customers alike.

Reserved Seating

GC Rail were seeking a reserved seating solution, to allow customers to view the railway’s seating plan and choose their seats online. Making use of Nutickets’ area seating, GC Rail were able to sell seating admissions in advance and offer an improved customer experience.

Scheduling tools

Like most attractions, GC rail runs events year-round and needed a way to quickly and easily create 100’s of events in just a few clicks. With Nutickets scheduling and bulk edit tools, their team are able to set up months of events in advance and apply any last-minute changes to an entire schedule in one click.

Box office

In addition to the online selling functionality, Nuweb’s box office system helped streamline and centralise the attractions ticketing and front-of-house purchases. The desktop-based system allows staff to process admissions and transactions on the go, to reduce waiting times and allow the railway to operate efficiently. 

Adapting to evolving needs

The key motivation for this project was to future-proof the heritage brand - just adopting a new system was not enough. Nutickets development capabilities allow the right support behind the technology, to embrace technology trends and enhance user experience across the attractions.