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Freixenet Mexico uncorks new ticketing solution with Nutickets

Freixenet case study

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About the client

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet Mexico is a unique vineyard and event space located in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes. The venue showcases Mexico’s finest elite wines, inviting guests to explore the rich culture of the wine and enjoy the lively local surroundings.


In addition to traditional wine tasting experiences, Freixenet Mexico offers an exciting array of cultural annual events. The infamous events range from the gastronomic Paella Festival, to the themed Vintage Party and the creative Vinart Jazz Festival. These events all centre on building an extraordinary experience around wine. There truly is something for everyone at this venue, promising an unforgettable adventure for all attendees.


A multifaceted and diverse venue such as Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet Mexico required a bespoke, integrated event ticketing software solution. With such a wide assortment of events, all needing different ticketing options and setups, it was paramount that Freixenet selected a software provider that was up to scratch.

The organisers were managing ticket sales, seating plans and time slots manually. Freixenet Mexico was looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline their processes, that would:

  • Provide an easy-to-use online event ticketing platform

  • Transform seating plans from manual to digital

  • Offer a time slot booking system for recurring events

Nutickets presented all of these elements simultaneously within a bespoke event ticketing solution.

Fully branded
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The Nutickets software makes selling tickets smooth and simple, putting your brand at the centre of the experience. Freixenet Mexico was able to design a fully customised Spanish ticket shop, that seamlessly slotted into their own website, creating a cohesive user experience.
Reserved Seating
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Managing seating plans was a large and laborious task prior to Nutickets coming on board. Previously, all seating arrangements were planned and entered manually, taking up hours of valuable time. The Nutickets platform handed the power back to the customer, allowing them to pick and select their own seat from a comprehensive, digital seating plan chart.
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Freixenet Mexico offers a range of exclusive wine tasting events, running at various times throughout the day. Instead of elongating the ticketing process with a different event for every time slot, the Nutickets software cleverly enables the use of time slots. Wine enthusiasts are able to select the day that they want to attend the event and are then presented with all the available time slots on that day. Reduced clicking helps to increase conversions and save time that could be better spent researching Freixenet’s extensive wine list!
The Solutions

What our Partner says

"Nutickets was the only provider that met our needs in terms of online ticket sales, for our daily wine experiences as for our annual events. Their event ticketing software helped us increase our sales and streamline the entry process."

Teresita Feregrino Martínez - Director, Freixenet Mexico

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