Fairy Bricks case study

About the client

Fairy Bricks is a registered charity founded by three friends with a passion for all things LEGO. Following successful fundraising, Fairy Bricks was formed to assist children’s hospitals in the UK, providing them with free LEGO sets. This makes a real difference to the children staying there, creating a happy, positive environment.

Nutickets have provided Fairy Bricks with a dedicated, flexible event technology service for their Bricktastic events in 2015 and 2016. Bricktastic entails two days of LEGO fun for the whole family in the heart of Manchester at the iconic Manchester Central (formally the GMEX). All profit from the events are donated to Fairy Bricks to enable them to continue their work by donating LEGO to Hospitals in Greater Manchester and the wider North West.

Challenge / objectives

Upon launching the Bricktastic event, Fairy Bricks needed to find an event technology supplier to provide them with a ticketing platform. Nutickets have an ongoing commitment to charity work, and have extensive experience in the charity sphere. Our work with Oxfam – one of the world’s largest charities – underlines this, and helped to imbue Fairy Bricks with the confidence that Nutickets can be trusted with providing an effective, all in one charity event solution.

Bricktastic was conceived as a large scale, two day event for both children and adults. As such, it required a robust entry and event day management system, to keep queue times to a minimum and ensure that all attendees have a smooth experience from start to finish. The Nutickets Entry App combines all of this in one smart, easy to use system, capable of handling very high ticket volumes. Available for iOS and Android devices, it is a massive advantage for events like Bricktastic.

Solution and benefits

Nutickets’ inbuilt promotion tools have allowed Fairy Bricks to effectively promote Bricktastic across a wide range of platforms, including email and social media, targeting 2015 attendees and converting them to returning customers. Furthermore, Fairy Bricks own and have sole access to 100% of their customer data – an important feature given recent developments in the charity events sector. This data enables Fairy Bricks to successfully track the impact of their marketing, and points to areas that should be targeted.

2015’s Bricktastic event was a huge success, with over 1200 tickets sold and processed using the Nutickets system. The event provided great fun for all, and raised an amazing amount of money for the Fairy Bricks cause. In fact, Bricktastic proved to be so popular that another event was quickly organised for July 2016! If 2015 was anything to go by, Fairy Bricks will continue to go from strength to strength.

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