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CSSC Achieves Centralised Event Management with Nutickets

CSSC case study

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About the client

CSSC is a not-for-profit membership organisation for civil servants and public sector workers. Providing a huge range of sports, leisure, health and retail opportunities to their members within the public sector, they have been helping individuals and families get more out of life since 1921


CSSC is part-funded by the cabinet office to inspire over 100,000 members to explore new ways to be active and healthy. The organisation offers national benefits such as cinema tickets, the CSSC games and national championships (a large Olympic style tournament that allows its members to compete in over 20 sports across multiple breakout sessions and multiple days). The team over at CSSC was looking for a cost-effective event ticketing solution that had a user-friendly interface for their local and regional benefits. Nutickets proved to be the perfect event management solution for CSSC. The Nutickets platform helped them centralise their benefits program, manage complex user hierarchies and catered for advanced data reporting requirements. To date, CSSC hosts over 1,200 events and taster days per year which are organised by up to 1,000 volunteers, each of which has a unique set of permissions and data access within their Nutickets user account.
Single sign-on
Nutickets platform provided seamless access to multiple applications with a Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution. CSSC users could leverage a portal for employees and members to access all their authorised applications during one single session. This new authentication method simplified the overall digital workflow resulting in a smoother user experience.
Database Migration
CSSC required a solution that would allow existing members to buy discounted tickets on the new platform. Nutickets supported CSSC to migrate their membership data from their previous management systems. Nutickets ensured that the data migration process was smooth and seamless, helping the organisation limit downtime. Data cleansing and purification helped improve the quality and accuracy of data, making implementation faster and more efficient.
Role-based access control
Nutickets introduced role-based access controls to simplify administration of thousands of users and permissions. Using a limited number of roles, and a hierarchical system, Nutickets made it possible to efficiently determine and describe user roles. This resulted in minimal maintenance and upkeep from CSSC's IT department, and a more personalised end user experience. To maintain centralised event management, Nutickets added a vetting feature so top level CSSC employees were able to accept or decline all event set up entries.
The Solutions
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