The Outdoor Swimming SocietyCase Study

About the client

The Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) was founded in 2006 as an open-to-all central resource for wild swimmers. OSS aims to encourage people to rediscover the joys of swimming in open, wild water.

The OSS run a number of large events per year, across the country. Due to this, they needed a dedicated event technology supplier who could effectively deal with high attendee volumes. Nutickets’ all-in-one solution has proved to be the perfect match, giving OSS a flexible service that is focused on their needs.

Challenge / Objectives

OSS found their existing ticketing supplier to be rather inflexible, and so their search for a new supplier focused on finding a bespoke system that could be customised to suit them. At Nutickets, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a service that is tailored to their needs. This was a huge factor in OSS’s decision to use Nutickets, and we have implemented new features to help take their events to the next level.

One of these features is the addition of an optional ticket transfer fee; allowing organisers to charge an admin fee when attendees who can no longer attend the event would like to transfer their ticket to a friend. OSS have also been able to access a brand new revenue stream, by using Nutickets’ product features. Upselling hoodies and T-shirts with tickets encourages spending, increases revenue, and allows OSS to be more creative with their event packages.

Solution and Benefits

The Outdoor Swimming Society have worked with Nutickets on three events thus far, and all three have been huge sell-out successes. The most successful event was the Dart 10K Swim Saturday, which sold out in the first day! Along with the Sunday event that was launched simultaneously, this means that Nutickets processed over 1500 transactions in one morning. As an organiser of high-capacity events with a dedicated following, the Outdoor Swimming Society needed a reliable, robust ticketing supplier who could effectively deal with high customer volumes. The success that has been seen already proves that Nutickets are an ideal partner in this regard, providing a bespoke solution that performs powerfully, even under pressure.

OSS have also taken advantage of Nutickets’ extensive data capture features, to great effect. At Nutickets, we give all of our clients unrestricted access to 100% of their customer data. This data is not used by Nutickets for any purpose, but is retained by the client for use for event management and marketing. OSS used Nutickets to make sure that a corresponding email address was collected for every ticket bought. This is an option that many ticketing providers do not offer, and it has allowed the Outdoor Swimming Society to harness the power of information, build up a large, accurate customer database, and effectively market to these customers.

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