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Our existing system was limited in it’s capability… Nutickets is very, very user friendly. Some venues are scared of something new, but it’s the most user friendly system I’ve ever used.

We’re really impressed with the effectiveness of the data, and what you can get out of it. Our database is now four times larger thanks to Nutickets.

Mat Moriarty Marketing Manager, Pryzm Leeds

About the company

Pryzm is a futuristic, exclusive and innovative nightclub concept set within the vibrant bustle of The Arena Quarter in Leeds. Having opened at the end of March 2014, PRYZM has rapidly established itself at the pinnacle of the chosen clubbing experience given its very wide and varying appeal. Featuring five rooms, over three floors, the club has something for everyone from EDM to Pop and even an Acoustic Lounge; even the bathrooms are at the height of luxury, with a range of GHD appliances and products for guests.

over 11,000
registered on the guestlist
promotional reach to date

Nightlife in a digital age

Using online solutions to register guests and sell tickets is still a new concept for many in the nightlife industry. Nutickets provides Pryzm Leeds with the leading edge in event technology, capturing more data, communicating more effectively, and saving time and money in the process. Partnering with a technology provider such as Nutickets enables Pryzm Leeds to focus on the day to day business, whilst taking advantage of the knowledge and technological innovation of a constantly evolving event technology platform.

Viral tools

Social media is a great tool to raise brand awareness and build a loyal community. It’s not just about what you can say, but also what your customers say. Using Facebook log in, and enhanced sharing options, every customer is turned into Pryzm Leeds’ champion, a ‘brand ambassador’, with automatic posting on Facebook timelines for every ticket purchase or registration on the guestlist.

Enhanced insight

For too long, nightclubs and event promoters have been using outdated systems of taking just a name for the guestlist, or losing valuable contact information to third party ticketing agencies. Using our intelligent data capture tools, Pryzm Leeds is able to learn more than ever about their guests, gathering enhanced information such as geo-location, gender, date of birth and more. This data is used to better understand their audience, targeting promotions and building valuable relationships with customers.

Measuring promotion success

Finding out which promotional channels are working can be a challenge for anybody. Pryzm Leeds is now able to easily monitor, in real time, the reach of each campaign, the clicks and conversions through promo codes, email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. Using this information, Pryzm Leeds can understand which channels are proving a success, and measure the efficiency of each campaign.

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