Short & Sweet Case Study

About the company

Using unique locations, from parks to rooftops, Short & Sweet takes film out of the theatre and into the city. Part of a global brand, Short & Sweet first launched in South Africa in 2013 and provides a variety of outdoor cinema experiences including the Sunset-Cinema, Experiential and Full Moon Drive In.

“Independent and underground, our vision is to consistently inspire guests, expose talent, provoke thought and ultimately celebrate film. We are dedicated to the exhibition of film as a critical art form in its own right. The environments we screen in are always engaging and social, with hundreds gathering at each event to share impressions and opinions in this unique forum.”

Building a community

The Short & Sweet ethos is to provide an unusual space for its vibrant community to come together and enjoy a unique cinema experience. Building this community online was key, gathering meaningful data to learn more about their audience and create a meaningful dialogue in their promotions. The Nutickets promotional tools allowed Short & Sweet to schedule, send and track targeted campaigns via email, SMS, and social media. Segmenting this data provides a higher conversion rate with tailored messages for their fans, all available in one central dashboard.

Increased sales opportunities

Short & Sweet sell their event tickets in advance online, but also see a high rate of on the day impulsive ticket purchases. When you hold an event in an unusual location that is often outdoors, it’s important to provide a solution which can handle sales on the door as well as in advance. All the data from tickets sold and scanned is available in real-time, and provides a more accurate financial report than trying to collate information from offline sources. The Nutickets Entry App can scan tickets, admit guests, and process cash or card sales on the day.

All-in-one event management

Nutickets combines a variety of event management tools from advanced ticket sales to door entry, promotional tools to enhanced event analysis and even an online staff management section. All these functions are crucial to running a successful event, and Short & Sweet was able to take full advantage of each tool, all from one centralised dashboard, saving time and money that could be better spent on providing new experiences for their fans.

Upsell merchandise

In addition to selling their cinema tickets, Short & Sweet wanted to upsell merchandise such as popcorn with advanced sales of coupons which are redeemed on the night. Nutickets can provide an additional upsell service for customers that can be integrated with the cashless system, using the Nutickets Shop App to redeem vouchers against any number of products. Sales and stock are monitored in real-time, and can provide a wealth of knowledge to understand your customer habits and purchase trends.

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