Introducing Nutickets Virtual Events

Virtual Events, 08 September

By Ethan

As COVID-19 soared events fell. Over the last few months, we’ve watched as one event after the other has been cancelled. Even birthdays and work gatherings haven’t been left untouched by the pandemic. Attendees and event organisers are left with a big question: what do we do now? 

While Nutickets has helped venues, festivals and attractions run countless on-site events, we realised the current need for a virtual event platform. So our team got cracking. From live-chatting to live streaming, we’ve created a platform that still brought people together without a physical venue, enabling you to:

  • Stream directly from your website
  • Sell tickets under your brand
  • Keep your stream 100% private and secure
  • Choose from leading live streaming providers
  • Engage with your audience through live chat


Keep your fans on your website 

We make all of our event management tools fully customisable and the new live stream function is no different. We want you to own your streaming experience. We’ve made it super simple for you to host virtual events on your website, no coding required.

Sell tickets and make up for lost revenue

Stream and sell with our virtual events platform. A fully customisable and branded ticketing tool can be integrated seamlessly with your online event. Keep track of your sales in real-time and capture customer information. Consider offering additional upsides like merchandise or tiered tickets with VIP exclusive video content.

Your own digital doorman

No ticket, no entry. We've put a focus on security with our virtual events platform. We’re able to restrict user access to streams on your website, ticket holders are limited to 1 view per session. If the stream link is copied the stream will not be valid for that user. 

Our network of virtual streaming experts

It was important for us to build a virtual events platform that was flexible to the wide variety of events we serve. We’ve teamed up with Vimeo, Youtube, and Zoom to offer different features depending on your requirements. The choice is yours.

Connect with your audience

Light up your live stream sessions with our audience engagement tools - Enable live chat functionality and start a conversation amongst your fans. Easily share your screen and add visual graphics to make your stream your own.

Ready to go live?

Learn more about online events by talking to one of our virtual events specialists. Take a 1on 1 tour around the virtual platform with our team, check out clever features, and ask any questions you may have. Talk to us! 




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