Nutickets release notes | version 7.18

Updates, 11 December

By Melinda Molnar

We have further improved the event setup functions to help you create events faster and more efficiently. Read on to discover what’s new with Release Version 7.18:

  • Event drafts
  • Copy events

Event Drafts

Event Drafts are now replacing Event Templates. Event Drafts enable you to create events prior to publishing them, the perfect solution for preparing your events in advance enabling you to keep working on them until they are ready to go live.

You can create Drafts by following the usual process: Events > Add Event > Save as Draft.

Your Drafts are sitting under a new tab in the Manage Events section, and you can easily put them live them by clicking on the ‘Publish Event’ button. Once these events are published, you can view them and start selling tickets in the normal way.

Copy Events

We’re introducing the Copy Event function, helping you to create events a lot faster. If you have events that you would like to replicate, you can do so with just a few clicks:

Go to the specific event and click on the ‘Copy Event’ button, then select if you just want to create a single event or replicate it for multiple dates.

It will take a couple of minutes to process them, you will receive an email notification when they are created. These new events are accessible under the Manager Events section.


What if I had an Event Template that I would like to carry on using?

If you had an Event Template set up in the past, which you’ve used for creating events, you can still use it by finding the event you’ve created with that template, coping it and saving it as a Draft.


Who can help me with questions about these new functions?

If you’re stuck, get in touch with your Account Manager or email us on [email protected], our team would be happy to talk you through these changes.

Melinda Molnar - About Author

As our Product Manager, Melinda works closely with our clients and technical teams to deliver innovative solutions from concept to completion. 

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