Nutickets release notes | version 7.17

Updates, ---

By Adam Mason

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some recent changes to give you more control over your events and to provide you with an even more powerful reporting system. In summary we’ve included the following updates in this release:

  • New approval process over the “go live” settings for different users and events
  • New and better user defined “reporting” of ticket sales and transactions
  • More flexible event e-notifications
  • New product “search” capabilities
  • Addition of new payment gateway
  • Update to the Facebook Plugin

New event approval process

We have implemented a new control procedure that will allow Administrators to oversee, approve and authorise the ‘Go Live” release of new events set up by different Users. This will specifically benefit those organisations that have multiple events set up by different Users where there maybe concerns over brand consistency.

To set it up:

To configure this, go to My Account > Users and press “View” next to the user you wish to limit.

Then, press “Edit authorisation” and turn on “Admin event approval required”.

Nutickets event approval process step 1


To authorise:

Now, when that User creates an event, their event will be “pending approval” until an Admin has the opportunity to accept it and push it live.

Nutickets event approval process step 2


The Admin can easily identify events pending approval from the event list, as they’re highlighted in orange.

Nutickets event approval process step 3


Then, the Admin can accept/deny an event, based on whether it is suitable yet or not.

Nutickets event approval process step 4

Reporting improvements

Sales Report look and feel improvements

We have updated the Event Sales Reporting function with some new visuals and consolidated information shown elsewhere.

All Event “Sales” are contained the new Sales Report. This report can be individualised to meet different User needs and detailed on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or 3 monthly bases. Alternatively choose your own reporting calendar dates – nothing could be simpler, go on and give it a go.

Choose your own reporting dates and see your tickets sales by ticket type split into available, sold, comps by both number and value.

And more…

The Transaction Report has added functionality

The Transaction Report has been expanded!

We now feature a “Sold by” column, for any transactions processed by system Users via the backend eg a box office, so you can see which users sold which tickets.

In addition to this, we’ve added a new “Refunds” column.

These changes should make reconciliation and reporting much easier, especially if you’re working with a huge number of transactions.

If you would like us to explain these reports in more detail, please contact us via

Greater flexibility with event notifications

We’re now providing you with greater flexibility and control over the system notifications you send to your customers.

When you create a new event, or select one of your events already in the Nutickets system and go to “edit details” you’ll see we’ve made some changes to the event configuration page.

Admin email notifications on ticket purchase

A much loved feature of our software is that you can configure it to send an email to the administrator each time a ticket is purchased.

Recently, we’ve expanded this feature by allowing you CC additional people aside from the administrator to receive additional emails.

In this release, we’ve expanded this feature even further, by allowing you to customise who receives these emails on an event by event basis!

Organiser contact details per event

We have expanded the contact details from account level so that Users can now set up the event organiser contact details on an event by event basis.

Prevent (some) system emails being sent to customers

When uploading tickets to an attendance list, you can now prevent the system from sending out confirmation emails.

Don't send tickets


We’ve also added this feature when uploading a guest list.

Don't send, guestlist


Product user interface changes

We’ve expanded the Products section for each event and added in the ability to search for products by name, type or status.

This should really help those organisations with large product categories that are spread across multiple events, enabling Users to quickly manage which products are assigned to which event.

Product Update copy

Miscellaneous changes

We’ve integrated with Realex, a European payment service provider.

We’ve updated our Facebook plugin to ensure compliance with Facebook’s new security standards and squished a few minor bugs.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to contact or speak to your Nutickets account manager.

Adam Mason - About Author

Customer Relations Executive aka our Software Guru. Adam is passionate about providing bespoke solutions to our clients and supporting them throughout their journey. 

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