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Up-sell your way to a successful event

Living in this technology driven age has encouraged event technology providers to react to consumer demand by taking ticket shops digital. Online ticketing revenues are expected to reach a total of £3.4 billion by 2020, and over 51% of 16-44 year olds have admitted to making an online ticket purchase in 2018 alone (Statista). With evidence of the growth of online ticketing sales, event organisers can introduce features to optimise customer experience and increase profits. Product upsell is a great way to achieve this. Selling merchandise or beverages at events can now be done when your customers are purchasing a ticket online, pre-event, helping you boost pre-event product sales.

How product upselling works

If you sell it, you should list it. When selling merchandise at events, whether it be clothing or food and drink, you can give your attendees the option to pre-purchase products and collect them upon arrival at your event. Once your customer has began their process in buying a ticket for your event, they will come across a step which displays a range of your products, that are relevant to the ticket being purchased. Depending on the product, you can offer a range of options including colour, size and quantity. For example, if you are selling festival merchandise, such as branded t-shirts, you can add options for your customers to tailor their order to suit them. Once your customer has added their chosen product to the basket, this will be added to their purchase, helping you to secure extra revenues before the event. When attendees arrive at the event, they can simply collect their items by scanning their e-tickets, which will show the products purchased along with their ticket(s).

Benefits of upselling

Providing the option to purchase products to your ticket shop can be very beneficial to your business. Firstly, enticing your customers with your merchandise can increase product sales as you are exposing customers to what you have to offer, which they may not have known about. Pre-event sales can also give you more budget to spend, allowing you to further improve your event. When upselling products, there are no limitations. If you want to sell food, VIP packages, clothing, or all three, you have the option to promote the product which is best for your customers. Every time a sale is made, it is added to a live report which you can access and review to manage stock and meet demand of your customers, keeping them satisfied. Customer experience is a determining factor of whether or not they will attend your event again, with product upselling, you can provide them with a much smoother experience with less queues when wanting to purchase merchandise on the day.

Nutickets solution

Using the Nutickets ticketing software, we provide a simple-to-use solution for adding products to your ticket shop. Once they have been added, use our easy-to-navigate reporting system and respond to customer demand. Our Entry App makes it easy for your customers collect their purchases with a quick scan of their e-tickets. Are you interested in selling products in your ticket shop? Get in touch today and let’s discuss the best solution for your business!

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