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Simple ways to use technology at events

As the event industry continues to grow and diversify, organisers are now focussing on the importance of the customer experience. With 74% of customers admitting to having a better impression of a company after visiting their event (Aventri), every moment spent at your event should be an opportunity to impress! With the scale and capabilities of technology today, ticketing and events can be taken to a new level to improve your attendees experience. With studies showing event technology to increase attendance by 20% and decrease costs by 30% (Social Tables), it is important, now more than ever for event organisers to understand how to use technology at their events.


Before your customers even enter your event, you can use technology for your event ticketing sales. Using an entry app, you can simply scan your attendees pre-paid tickets. This easy-to-use technology helps speed up the entry process at your events, giving your customers a stress-free start to your event. In addition, you can use your entry app to allow ticket access for different sections of your event such as V.I.P. areas. The clever ticketing technology will notify the staff member on whether a ticket is allowed in a particular area, helping streamline entry management at your event. Taking ticket entry further, you can now use a self-service kiosk, where customers can purchase their e-tickets if they haven’t already pre-paid for one online.


With over approximately 5 billion people owning a mobile device, there is no question about utilising mobile at events. In this modern age, one of the most basic things customers expect is WiFi, which can actually help with the marketing of your event. Your attendees are highly likely to be using their mobile phones during your event, particularly social media, which means they are likely to be sharing their experience of their day - without signal, particularly event WiFi services, this isn’t possible. The use of cashless technology can also be used via mobile. Event attendees can now top-up credits on their mobile devices and then use them to pay for merchandise and beverages at your events without the need for cash, saving time and money for staff and attendees.

Lead capture

Every person that attends your event is a valuable lead. No matter how many people turn up, you can implement technologies to help build an authentic database through event lead capture. Using QR codes, you can encourage people to scan codes which automatically signs them up for future communications from your business. This could be done through several channels of approach due to the simplicity of the 2D QR code. You can use the codes on print marketing throughout your event, or on devices held by staff for a more personal approach, or on stationery devices such as kiosks or tablets.

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