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The benefits of being a software reseller

Having the ability to offer the best ticketing software for customers is a priority for the majority of event companies, but developing this isn’t a simple task. You could spend a lot of money on hiring specialist employees, you could also spend time developing an entire system, as well as launching it, and it could take a while to build your brand for people to notice your company. The solution? Become a software reseller. With an already perfected ticketing system, you can start promoting your ticket services in an instant. Whether you’re a start-up, evolving event business, or a well established global event organisation, there is a software reseller program for all.

What is a software reseller?

This is a company who purchases software from another company to then sell it to their customers. This can be done via two routes, either selling it under the original softwares branding, or alternatively being a white label software reseller and using your own branding. It is most common for start-up businesses to use the un-branded option and add some white label listing pages within the website, and more established organisations to use the white label option as their brand is already well-known. Many businesses choose to become a software reseller to sell their services as the development of brand new software can be very timely and costly.

The benefits of being a software reseller

To begin, reselling already well-crafted software allows your business to get straight into selling your services/products, therefore, as a start up, you are more likely to break-even sooner. Being a reseller and having a software partner means you have a great piece of technology and on-going support all-in-one, as the software owner will be able to help with any issues you have with your system. Having the option to choose between being a branded or un-branded allows you to tailor your agreement to your business, considering what growth stage you are at. The software host can provide resellers with bespoke reseller program packages, adapted to your sector and local market, as some resellers may be in a different country to their software host, therefore you won’t be limited if you do decide to take the already-branded option.

Our reseller partner programs

No matter how big or small your company is, or what stage you are at, Nutickets can provide a solution tailored to your company to help with your business' success. Are you considering becoming a software reseller? Contact us and let's discuss your tailored plan today!

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