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Nonprofit event software: What to look for in a platform

When you are a nonprofit organisation, planning and managing events should be simple. But event management software can be tricky. From online ticket sales, registrations, donations and fundraising solutions, what should you consider when selecting event software for your nonprofit?

Nonprofit event management software helps drive fundraising, attract more attendees, and makes it easier to manage your community. But choosing the right platform can be confusing.

Everyone has their own opinion on where to find the best event software for nonprofits & charities. So, this article approaches the same question from a different angle – what is that you need to look for when choosing a platform for nonprofit event management?

What are the key features of Nonprofit event software?

We’ve compiled a list of key essentials that you’ll want to look for when it comes to event fundraising software. You can use these as a shopping list to help narrow down the choices, get the best value for money, and focus on tools that really matter.

Let’s look at each in a little more detail.

Ticketing & Event Registration

Fundraising events are an invaluable way to generate revenue and engage donors as a nonprofit organisation. If you want to sell more tickets, you’ve got to make it easier for people to purchase them. That means using a fundraising platform that lets you sell your tickets and maintain control. If you’re using a third-party provider, you’re losing engagement with your community.

Top 3 Features

Streamlined event set up

A system that’s overly complicated will hinder your staff and discourage donors, you’ll need to find the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use. Your event fundraising software should help streamline your event planning and ticket sales efforts. Look out for a solution with a user-friendly dashboard that helps your volunteers go from A to B. A simple interface and guided setup will go a long way to streamlining the entire event setup and ticket management process.

White Label Ticketing and Customisation

Platforms that are ‘white label’ allow for complete customisation. At Nutickets, we make every aspect of our platform customisable so you can take full control of the aesthetics while the software does the rest. A platform that allows flexibility to add your own brand logo, colour and images can help you effectively portray your cause.

Website integration

Selling tickets directly from your website benefits your marketing processes, automation, and communication with customers. A platform that integrates with your website smoothly, without redirecting customers to third-party pages, allows you to maintain control of the customer experience at every stage.

Checkout and Donations

Of late, we’ve witnessed a swing towards online fundraising like none other. As digital fundraising evolves, having the right online donation tools to back your efforts is crucial. Seamless donation options can help nonprofits maximise donations, gather in-depth donor insights, and cut administrative time.

Top 3 Features

Robust security

Keep an eye out for a platform that offers security that can protect your organisation, supporters and data. If a platform offers donations they should provide industry security standards and custom fraud protections. Ensuring solid security and reliable support, will ensure your organisation is in safe hands.

Custom donation forms

Branded donation pages raise six times more than generic pages, so customisable donation forms are a handy tool to have for your fundraising. Build the perfect donation form with options to add fields to collect donor information, custom styles, and custom fields. Then, directly embed your forms into your checkout, so visitors can give without leaving the page.

Flexible giving options

It’s no secret that customers like choice, and it’s no different when it comes to donations. If your charity fails to cater to their preference, donors may withdraw their support. Offering quick check-out processing like apple pay and paypal can have a positive impact on your overall donation total.

Donor & Attendee Management

Because you’re managing so many fundraising streams, a CRM component is important with nonprofit event software. A centralised system will help you manage your events, track performance, manage donors and more.

Top 3 Features

Donor Management

This is one of the main features of any reputable system. This is where you’ll store all the important information about your customers.You’ll want a system that feels easy to use and logically organized so you can track your customer interactions from the initial point of contact through the entire customer journey.

Sales analytics

Your management software will give you a better way to collect and analyse real-time data on your donations, event performance and overall revenue. Most platforms come with ready to go reporting tools, but you can fine-tune your own insights and organise key data into charts in a few clicks.

Donor interaction features

Keeping up with donors, ensuring satisfaction as well as positive interactions is the key to donor retention. That’s why you should look for platforms with messaging and engagement tools, email templates, and marketing analytics.

Tools to manage marketing

Successful fundraising is about creating a lasting impression that will keep all your donors engaged with your cause. Well-equipped nonprofit event software should cut down on the admin your marketing team needs to invest. With help from your event software, personalised marketing can be expanded to even the largest donor databases.

Top 3 Features

Automated emails

Your platform should help with organising email lists and sending event previews, follow-ups and everything in between. This function can be built-in, but the provider may also make it possible to sync up your go-to email marketing software.


Being able to segment your donors by geographic location, lifetime donations, and date of last donations allows you to create highly specific marketing messages that are more likely to capture your communities attention.

Analytics and tracking

You can take your marketing a step further and track the efficiency of your advertising campaigns from your event platform. Report and tracking tools can combine detailed metrics to provide you and you should have a comprehensive picture of your marketing campaigns.

International Fundraising

As your non-profit grows, you’re bound to attract donors from around the world. Don’t let borders get in the way of international support, your event software should allow you to grow your community in more countries around the world.

Top 3 Features


This feature can reduce the friction of managing donations around the world. Your donors can buy with their preferred currency so they know exactly how much they’re donating.


Choose a platform that can cater for your global audience with international language support. This feature helps localise all of your content, from the event listing to donations and checkout. From language to language you’ll be able to give your users the same easy-to-understand interface experience.

Local payment providers

Accept payments globally using your donors preferred payment gateway. Find a platform that supports secure, convenient, local payment processing to instill confidence in your global audience.

What is the top nonprofit event software?

Nutickets is an event platform that allows nonprofits to easily create fundraising events, collaborate with and manage team members, collect donations and access robust reporting and analytics on performance through a digital workspace.

Running events often requires the collaboration of multiple tools, however, Nutickets brings together the best of event management, fundraising and ticketing. With all tools you need at your fingertips, running successful fundraisers has never been so easy.

Nonprofits of every cause — from RSPB to Oxfam — are using Nutickets to sell tickets online, raise money and engage their communities.

Ready to get started?

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