How to sell tickets on facebook

Ticketing, 04 December

By Melanie Taylor

With an average of 1.47 billion daily active users (CNN 29/11/2018), Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest players when it comes to social platforms. Facebook is considered by many as the ‘go-to’ social media for events, their interface is perfect for event organisers as it encourages organic sharing and conversation.

If you’re never considered selling tickets on social media before, you may be curious to learn some of the benefits that this method has. Events and social media go hand in hand, with a strong social strategy strengthening the reach and positive sentiment around an event. Discover how to sell tickets on Facebook to save your customers time, without redirecting them to another page, where you might lose them. 

Keen to get started? Follow these steps below to start selling directly on your Facebook page with the Nutickets:


Setting up a Facebook ticket shop can be easily completed with a few simple clicks:

  • Log into your Nutickets account
  • Go to 'My Account' > 'Account Settings'
  • Click on the 'Integrations' tab


How to link Nutickets to Facebook


Here your Nutickets and Facebook accounts can be linked as if by magic! Once you've added your details, as soon as you see the green tick, you know that you’re one step closer to selling tickets on Facebook.


Once you’re all synced up, it’s time to make your ticket shop the star of your Facebook page. 

  • In the ‘Sales’ menu, click ‘Sales Channels’
  • Hit the ‘Facebook’ tab
  • Select  ‘Add ticket shop to Facebook page’
  • Click ‘Add to page’
How to add a tickets shop to Facebook

You’re all done! How easy was that? 

You can view all of your upcoming events and sell tickets on Facebook under the ‘Tickets’ tab of your Business Page. Your customers will be able to purchase tickets directly on Facebook, saving them time and keeping them right next to that ‘Share’ button.


Sell event tickets on Facebook with Nutickets


Now that you’ve done the legwork and set up your ticket shop, it’s time to share and promote your hard work so that you can start reeling in attendees. Pinning your event to the top of the page will ensure that it gets maximum views.

Why not think outside of the box with your promotional tactics? You may want to run a competition with pre-sale products or discounted tickets as a prize!

You could even offer a promotional code sent via the Inbox function on Facebook to all attendees who hit the ‘Share’ or ‘Going’ button. The Nutickets platform enables you to create your own unique or generic promotional codes, and enable a ‘Promotional Code’ field at checkout.

If you’re new to selling tickets online and would love to hear how you can get started, get in touch with a team member now to discover more!

Melanie Taylor - About Author

Melanie is our Digital Marketing Executive, here to help you go from following trends to setting trends in the event technology industry.

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