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How to Sell Event Tickets Online (For Venues and Event Organisers)

Organising an event can take a lot of work.

When you've got marketing, logistics, catering and other concerns to deal with, actually selling the tickets to your gathering can be an unnecessary hassle.

You can’t just take people’s money and start printing passes. You need a system. Something that links people’s purchases to your venue, staff and operating procedures.

The solution lies in using an online ticketing platform – A software solution that handles all your transactions, bookings, customer information, and more.

The difficulty lies not only in the fact that there are many solutions to choose from. But you also have to consider options like customisation, cost, and usability, before you decide.

As an event organiser or venue manager, you might not know where to start. So we’ve put together a quick guide showing you how to choose a platform and successfully sell event tickets online.

1) Choose the best event ticketing platform for your needs

There’s no shortage of options out there, but here are a few key elements you’ll want to look out for:


There are thousands of plug and play ticketing platforms. From Eventbrite to Skiddle who offer the benefit of signing up and selling tickets in minutes.

These platform are great for beginners, but their downfall is often their simplicity.

For events with a more targeted focus, it’s worth seeking out a solution that is tailored to their specific requirements.

At Nutickets, we help you bring cutting-edge technology to your events, developing customised and functional solutions that go beyond online ticket sales.

We allow our apps, features, and processes to be modified to suit you. We encourage stuff like API-first ticketing, custom development and on-request integrations.

Ease of use

When deciding on a new ticketing platform, you should analyse the user experience. Many characteristics define ease of use, simplicity, speed, consistency, ease of integration, and lack of disruptions are a few of them.

Ideally, you want to pick a platform that’s both flexible and intuitive. Not just for you but for potential customers as well.

If it takes more than a few clicks for people to get their hands on their tickets, chances are they’ll give up on your event.

That’s why our platform integrates with plenty of simple and one-click payment options, like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Globally enabled

If you’re selling internationally, or your events are popular with tourists, you’ll need to use a ticketing platform that can cater for your global audience.

Nutickets has a whole host of features for running events across borders, including support for multiple languages and local currencies.

From language to language you’ll be able to give your users the same easy-to-understand interface experience.

Behind the scenes you separate sales taxes in different countries, enable regional payment gateways, and sell across different time zones.

2) Make sure you’ve got the right ticketing features

Access control

Selling tickets online is one thing – handling those same customers when they arrive to your event is a whole different.

You need a slick arrival process to avoid long lines and frustrated customers.

Nutickets customers can use our scanning app to speed up entry. Using a simple smartphone, event organisers can point and scan to validate tickets.

Aside form speeding up entry, the app can detect fake and duplicate tickets so you can be confident in your security.

Data and reporting

Data is crucial both during and after the event – how can you accurately access feedback and gauge your audience’s reaction without it?

Our app helps you analyse your events as they happen. During the event you can see real-time data for things like visitor attendance, current capacity, and the number of tickets scanned.

Head to the Nutickets hub after the event to gather sales, payments, and performance reports. You can fine-tune your own insights and organise key data into handy charts.

Custom branding

Generic 3rd party websites with intrusive logos are bad for your brand. A good online ticketing system should offer complete control over your event pages, registration and even your ticket design.

When it comes to customisation, white label is king. A white label platform, like Nutickets, gives the chance to remove the suppliers logo, and replace it with your own. This means your customers will see your brand, not theirs.

With Nutickets, you get to brand our platform as you see fit. You can make it look however you want it to look to appeal to your customers in a way that's uniquely yours.

Seating and capacity management

If your running event in a seated venue like an arena, theatre or stadium then selling tickets without knowing where attendees will be sitting is not a good idea.

An efficient box office will reserve the right spaces for visitors.

Our system allows you to easily design A visual seating chart of your venue. Then customers can reserve their seats while buying a ticket.

This enables you to reserve specific zones for certain ticket types, add ticket price tiers or upsell products and add-ons.

What are the benefits of online ticketing?

Printed tickets are a relic of the past. There are so many reasons almost all event organisers have incorporated e-ticketing solutions over the years:

E-tickets save you time. Imagine all the work it takes to receive orders, design tickets, print them, and distribute them. If you leave things to the last minute, you’ll also need to hire staff to hand out tickets to event-goers. Event ticketing platforms, such as Nutickets, can help you automate most of these processes, freeing up time you can use to make your event better – without worrying about tickets.

They’re cheaper. Printing a few tickets is fine, but as events get bigger, costs quickly ramp up. Throw employee and maintenance fees into the mix, and you end up with a money sink of considerable proportions. You have a lot more control over e-ticketing costs with a unified platform.

They’re available around the clock. With the help of an online platform, you can sell tickets 24/7. If someone wants to buy tickets at 4am, they can easily do so – and they have multiple payment methods to choose from.

They’re flexible and accessible. While sticking to your event’s planned date and time is good practice, rescheduling can’t always be avoided. With printed tickets, the chance of you contacting and informing everyone about such changes is near zero. On the other hand, virtual tickets can be updated at any time – and you can quickly send a notification via app, email, or SMS.

They’re secure. Online systems allow you to store your visitors’ personal (and payment) information safely and securely. Moreover, QR and RFID tickets are impossible to duplicate or counterfeit.

Do more than just sell tickets

Ticketing is only the beginning. With a versatile platform such as Nutickets, you can design tickets that properly represent your brand, control admissions with advanced access control, enable great customer support, and stay on top of your data with clever reporting tools.

We recognize that each organiser is different, and our advanced tools ensure maximum flexibility. Book your demo today, and we’ll be in touch to discuss a custom ticketing solution tailored to your needs.

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