A Step-by-Step guide to creating an event website that sells

Ticketing, 10 May

By Ethan

Your website is the face of your events and a landing page for customers. It’s important to get it right! The best event websites can sell tickets fast, boost event registration, and integrate with event management systems. 

Selling tickets online makes the event organiser’s job a lot easier. You don’t need to be a tech expert to create a website that sells. Event website templates and tools can help take you from zero to hero. 

Why is a website for your event important?

First impressions matter. Your website is an extension of your brand, it should tell your story from click to checkout. Only using a social platform like Facebook Events to sell tickets doesn’t give you the ability to own your brand. 

Studies have shown first impressions of webpages are 94% design-related. Examples of the best event websites all have common themes: they build trust, they tell a story, and they’re easy to use. 

Having a say in your event website design doesn’t require you to know all the technical jargon. A customisable, fully branded landing page and event ticketing system can be done in minutes.

How to create an Event Website

Drag and drop website builders give organisers freedom. You can create, design and manage an event website without the technical know-how.

Integrated with white label ticketing software, organisers have the power to sell event tickets online while still maintaining their brand identity. A fully branded ticket shop slots seamlessly into your event website to sell tickets directly.

Tools to create your event website:

1. Wix: You can select several great templates, and edit the design using the Wix website builder

2. Wordpress: The most popular drag and drop builder, use this tool to create a free website with ease

3. Weebly: Simple and easy to use with a host of free event website templates for you to use

4. Markuphero: A free application to take & share screenshots and annotate images, so you can share ideas and agree on a design before you go live. 

Integrate any of these no-code website builders with Nutickets to start selling tickets through your website.

Website design checklist

  1. Branding on point: Your venue or event logo should be displayed loud and proud on your event homepage. This is your opportunity to raise brand awareness and really make an impression.
  2. Mobile-first: Over half of global traffic is mobile so a responsive website is essential. Giving your customers a seamless experience is key to selling event tickets online.
  3. Sell tickets online: Sell tickets straight from your website and keep customers on your event page by embedding an online event ticketing system
  4. Easy does it: Make it as easy as possible for your customer to go from homepage to checkout. Clear call to actions throughout the website can guide the customer and encourage event ticket sales.
  5. Tell your story: What makes you stand out from the crowd? Shout about the uniqueness of your events. Show off your venue, history or persons of interest.
  6. Make it visual: Show a real-life view of your event experience. A picture or a like-for-like venue seating plan tells a thousand words - Make the most of it! Fill your event website with a gallery and videos to inspire your customers.
  7. Online Event Registration: Peak customer’s interests by enabling your attendees to register their interest in a future event. Collect data and build a valuable database.
  8. Share the love: Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%! Show customer’s experiences, testimonials, or Instagram posts throughout your pages. Show your website visitors they’re seriously missing out.

Make your website work for you

Your website isn’t just for show. Use your event website as a tool for making your events a success. There are tons of features you can use to your advantage. 

Create new income streams, earn more about your customer and stand out from the crowd in a couple of clicks.

If you sell it, list it 

With Product Upsell you can sell event merchandise from your website ticket shop. Open up new revenue streams by encouraging customers to pre-purchase food, merchandise or VIP packages with their tickets.

Know your customers

 Having a steady flow of traffic to your event website opens up a new way to view your website and visitors. Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you with a wealth of information about how your customer interacts with your site. View statistics like - overall traffic, user demographics, bounce rate (...the list goes on).

If you’re an event website you’re going to be selling tickets, right? Analytics doesn’t just stop at website interactions, you can now view in-depth data for your ticket shop. Access useful ticket sales data to easily discover volume, best sellers and customer demographics. Supercharge your ticket sales with informed analytics.

Sell Tickets Online

You can use Nutickets to sell tickets from your website under your brand. Nutickets event ticketing software allows you to personalise every aspect of the ticket shop. Customise the colour theme and layout, create bespoke ticket types. 

Book a demo with Nutickets. Enable your customers to buy tickets online and check-in on arrival with just the scan of their e-tickets. 

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