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Boost your revenues with early bird ticket sales

Whether you're new to events or a well-seasoned organiser, early bird ticket sales is a fantastic idea for whatever you're planning. There's more to event ticketing than setting it up and sitting back, in fact, there's a whole psychology behind ticket pricing and timing.Early bird tickets often offer a discount between 20-40% which might look like a lot. However, having this type of ticket on offer can do wonders for your business. Here are a few reasons why you should jump on the early bird bandwagon and how our event ticketing software can help you on your way to selling more tickets.

What are early bird tickets?

An early bird ticket is a discounted ticket that goes on sale before any other tiers. Event organisers use early release tickets to incentivise advance purchases because the earlier you buy a ticket, the better price you'll get. When the small number of early bird tickets sell out, customers move on to the next release with an increase in price.

Reward your committed fans

The fans booking early bird tickets have either been attending your event since the dawn of time or love the sound of the event. Most early bird tickets are released around a year before the event takes place, so it takes heaps of commitment from your eager attendees to part with their money so far in advance. Many places don't even announce the acts or line-ups until after this point, but don't worry about that - early-bird buyers certainly won't! Most of the big-name festivals out there have been doing early bird ticket sales for years, and they're growing ever popular. Offering a discount to these dedicated early-bookers is a great way to thank them.

Create a sense of urgency

Even though your event is somewhere in the distant future, early bird ticket sales can create a sense of urgency. You can increase this by setting a booking timeframe or limited amount of tickets, which is easy to put in place with online ticketing software.Your most dedicated fans will get the ball rolling and create a buzz about the event without you having to do a great amount of work. Adding this amount of excitement so early on gives people fear of missing out (or FOMO). Even if they want to wait for more information before they book (when all of the early bird tickets have sold out), the buzz is still there.

Secure revenues far in advance

It goes without saying that when fans book early, you get to secure revenues up to a year in advance of the event. It means more security for you and an idea of how fast the event is selling out.With Nutickets, you receive your payment as soon as tickets are booked, rather than waiting months or until after the event for it to be transferred to you. This could help you place deposits sooner or secure that sought-after act before anyone else gets a chance.

Strike while the iron is hot

If you've been running your event for more than a couple of years, you'll likely already have a set of loyal fans that thoroughly enjoy it. Start your early bird ticket sales as soon as you can, maybe even whilst the current event is happening! Even just afterwards, attendees will still be basking in the joy, or have a case of post-event blues.You can make sure you reach all of your fans that don't want the fun to end by announcing your ticket release in a newsletter along with a wrap-up and gallery of photos from the last event.

That's how easy it is to sell pre-release tickets with our online ticketing software, all from within your website!

If you already have a Nutickets account, read our blog about how to set up early bird tickets. If you're new here, contact us now!

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