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A Complete Guide to White Label Ticketing: #1 Best Platform

Why are more and more event planners switching from household names like Ticketmaster, and Eventbrite to white label ticketing platforms?

Well, in this day and age your brand is everything. It's the differentiator between you and your competitors.

The times of old-fashioned non-customisable ticket shops are long over. It's no surprise that people are looking for alternatives to previously fragmented ticketing software.

And this is where white label ticketing software comes in.

White label ticketing offers a chance to command brand loyalty, set your own prices and get all the benefits of our world-class ticketing platform.

Let's dive deeper into the world of white label ticketing, and how event organisers can benefit from full control of their ticket shops.

What is white label ticketing and how does it work?

A white label ticketing system is a platform that allows you to sell tickets under your own brand name, rather than the name of the ticketing company. This can give your event a more professional look and feel, as well as helping you to build your brand.

The benefits of using white label ticketing for your event

There are lots of other benefits of using a white label ticketing platform too. Here are just a few:

The obvious benefits, such as increased customisation, are significant. However, less-known advantages include the fact that white label ticketing software allows you to regain control of the entire sales process.

Without the ticketing provider pushing their own agenda, you can start to boost your bottom line. You're able to set your own fee structure, own your customer relationships, and keep sales in-house.

With full control over your pricing options, you can better reflect your event's value to customers. And because you'll have access to detailed data and analytics about your event, you can make more informed decisions about how to market and sell tickets for future events.

Who really uses white label ticketing software?

If you've ever wondered who really uses white label ticketing software, the answer may surprise you. While white label ticketing is often associated with big businesses, the truth is that this type of platform can be used by businesses of all sizes.

1. Events with an established brand

The first example is as you would expect. Event organisers who have outgrown plug and play platforms like Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Skiddle usually turn to a white label ticketing system.

A white label ticketing platform gives them a chance to leverage the brand they have built, without being hindered by the restrictions of a third-party ticketing provider.

Switching to proven event ticketing software saves these companies time and money compared to building a fresh system from the ground up.

2. Businesses with complimentary services

The flip side to this is companies who may already offer similar services but want to branch out into the events industry.

For them, white label ticketing software provides an opportunity to quickly get a business up and running without having to worry about developing their own technology. They're able to cross-sell to their existing audience and introduce a brand new revenue stream.

For example, an event management company could introduce ticketing as a service to their existing clients. This would give them a way to cultivate their existing audience, earn new revenues and offer a more comprehensive service to their clients.

3. White label ticket resellers

The third, and final, users of a white label ticketing platform are entrepreneurs. These are sole traders, who want to start their own ticketing company without having to invest in developing their own technology.

We call these white label ticket resellers.

What are white label ticket resellers?

These are organisations that want to start their own ticketing company but don't want to develop their own technology.

Unlike the previous examples a white label ticket reseller doesn't sell their own tickets; instead, they operate a platform on which others may sell theirs. The tickets are usually sold under the name of the white label ticket reseller, rather than the company that is hosting the event.

This allows the white label ticket reseller to take advantage of its marketing power and reach a wider audience. White label ticket resellers often work with multiple companies, allowing them to offer a variety of events and tickets to their customers. This could be anything from a sole trader to a small-scale business.

There are many benefits to becoming a white label ticket reseller:

Top White Label Ticketing Platform

If you’re interested in using white label ticketing for your event, the first step is to find a reputable ticketing company that offers this service. Make sure to do your research and read reviews before you make your choice.

Nutickets (that's us!)

Typical ticketing companies have a habit of pushing their own logo or limiting your creativity - but that’s not our style.

We’re a software development company first, ticketing platform second. That means we’re able to offer an alternative to fragmented ticketing solutions.

We encourage stuff like API-first ticketing, custom development, on-request integrations. And of course, we're 100% white label.

It's why our customers love us. Including the likes of RSPB, Oxfam and World Heritage who trust Nutickets to manage their events.


100% White Label

When we say we offer a completely white label platform, we mean it. Add your own brand to our platform – right down to the last button and colour. You're able to create 100% customisable event pages, registration, and ticket designs. Which means you can replace Nutickets with your own brand (we won’t get offended!)

Sell tickets from your website

You can configure your booking experiences in the way you want. That means you don't need to redirect to a third-party ticketing site. You can handle the checkout directly from your website without any distribution.

Open API

Our ticketing software is built using an API-first strategy, so you can build your own experience on top of our API. If you need a bespoke integration or want to connect your event website to our platform, we can make it happen. We've even got a few integrations already up our sleeve. Check out our integrations portal for more information.

On brand when you're onsite

Take care of your brand at every last part of your event, even when you’re offline. Our collection of apps for ticketing scanning and onsite payments are all part of the package. You'll be able to reach consumers while they're actively engaged in the event, and when they're making their purchasing decisions.

Get Started with white label ticketing

When it comes to events, first impressions count. You want your event to be memorable, and for all the right reasons.

If you're interested in white label ticketing for your next event, get in touch with our team today. We'll be happy to chat through the options and find the perfect solution for you.

We’ve got a decided customer success team that helps with setup, training, and anything in between.

It’s why we were awarded #1 Best Customer Support by Software Advice.

So, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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