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4 steps to creating a brand focused event

Getting your event noticed in a big city like London is becoming more difficult each year. Attendees have so many event choices that you need to always be looking for new ways to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to offer. The key to making that happen is creating personalised and brand-focused events that help you build a loyal following.

You see, there will always be lots of distractions for your target audience, so you need to have a strategy that doesn’t rely on having to capture their attention and stand out from the crowd every single time. Instead, you should focus on building customer loyalty and getting people to attend your events because they trust your company.

But how can you make your event branding stand out as well as personalise the attendee experience to meet their expectations? Well, even though it may seem like a complicated process, there are clear steps that are used by leading corporate event planners to create events that generate a great response.

Define your target audience

If you want to have any chance of coming up with a winning branding strategy, you need to have a deep understanding of who your ideal target audience is and what are they likely to respond to. After all, successful events are all about meeting your audience’s expectations – those companies that know their target prospects best and can cater to their needs will never have trouble getting people to come back to their events again and again. In today’s world of social media, engaging and unique experiences can quickly gain massive popularity – if you can make a group of people happy, you can be sure that your event attendee list will grow consistently.

Find a way to stand out

Once you know who you are trying to reach, you will need to come up with a strategy for getting their attention. It’s one thing to be familiar with the interests and preferences of a group of people, but being able to adapt your events accordingly and generate genuine curiosity is another story. Think about what your brand represents and how you could highlight those unique qualities during events. Whether you build a connection with your target audience through experiential events, showcase what you can offer during product launches, or simply inject your brand personality into sponsored events, by interacting with your audience in a way that forms a stronger connection and showcases your brand in a positive way, you can achieve great results in the long run.

Be deliberate about your choices

When organising events centred around your brand, you need to remember that every single detail is important and plays a role in how your brand is perceived. Details like finding a venue or choosing the right entertainment all play a role in positioning your brand, so you need to use every opportunity to strengthen your brand’s voice and appearance to make sure that every event brings you the desired ROI. For instance, you need to look for vibrant venue finders that won’t be afraid to put together events in unconventional places – as a brand, you need to avoid safe choices and take steps to make your events exciting, which sometimes means taking risks. Your attendees need to feel like the event was made especially for them, so use the knowledge that you have about the people that you want to reach and try to personalise their experience as much as possible.

Make your event visible online

Event management services providers know that you must be visible online to fill up the attendance of your events – most event promotion today happens on the web, and that’s completely understandable considering that the majority of people get their information there. What’s more, if you develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your event, you can achieve great results on a relatively small budget and reach a much wider audience than you would have been able to with almost any other form of promotion.

How can you promote your brand-centric events online?

Well, there are a few key strategies that you can use. The first step is figuring out what your event will be about. That doesn’t just mean the itinerary and what you want to accomplish, but also the style and face of your event that will be at the centre of all your efforts. This involves coming up with a good and memorable name, figuring out what design elements you’re going to use, thinking about your brand’s voice and how you want to present yourself, and identifying the best platforms for getting your message out there. You can use Nutickets white label ticketing software and add a fully branded ticket shop to your event page, keeping customers on your website. Although a lot of events try to get by with a social media page, if you want to have complete control over how you interact with your prospective attendees online, you should take the time to create a website specifically for your event. It will serve as the hub where you can post all the relevant information, send all of your traffic and leads, and base all of your external promotions on. Then, you need to have a strong presence on all of the main social media platforms, or at least on those that you know your audience likes to hang out on. Being able to interact with your target audience and keep your event on their radar will be immensely helpful and allow you to maintain interest even if there are lots of other events happening at a similar time. Finally, if you have an email subscriber list, make sure that you make them feel valued as well – offer them exclusive deals, share valuable information, and send timely reminders to book your event, as these are the people that have already shown interest in what you have to offer and are likely to be your most loyal and engaged attendees.

Nutickets offers a range of feature which can help you host a memorable event. From ticketing, to email marketing and analytics tools, you can offer a fully branded experience for your customers. If you're looking to achieve a successful brand focused event, contact us today and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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