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How to use RFID technology for outdoor sport activities

As the world is becoming more health conscious, outdoor sporting activities are on the rise. As this surge has taken place in sports, technology has followed the same trend. Adopting tech into the sports industry can transform the experience for outdoor activity enthusiasts, as well as sports employees. RFID technology is a great way to improve your outdoor events. With the use of RFID tags or wristbands, you can move on the go and scan in and out of outdoor activity areas. In addition, attendees can pay for food and beverages without needing to carry cash or a debit card.

How to use RFID for outdoor activities?

As outdoor activities commonly involves people being on the move, the use of sports RFID wristbands can streamline your outdoor event. The activity organisers can utilise the technology for attendees to make payments, scan in/out of different activity areas, pay for food and beverages and collect important data. Using a top up shop, attendees can pre-pay for sports and simply tap their RFID wristband when they turn up to the sports centre and begin their activity. When your attendees are at the top up shop, you can use this moment to add data capture questions for both future promotions or important health and safety questions. Live data can also be captured as people take part in activities. As attendees are scanning in and out of different areas, you can assess this data to see which areas are busy for accessibility reasons.

The benefits of using RFID for outdoor activities

According to ID&C, using RFID wristbands for events increases security by 24% and reduces entry times by 40%. This is beneficial particularly for those who host outdoor activities as they are commonly fast paced, meaning the speedy tap and go process can streamline your entire event. Another way to speed up the entry process at your activity centre is pre-event online top ups. Allowing attendees to top up their wristbands before they turn up means you can capture important data, instead of filling out forms at the entrance. In addition, paying for credits on your wristband pre-event helps the entry process as attendees just simply need to tap their wristband/RFID tag to enter. If you offer food and beverages at your activity park, RFID cashless payments are ideal. Whilst attendees are on the move, they can stop at food and drink vendors on site to fuel their energy and continue with their activities by tapping their RFID tag.

How Divers Cove used this technology

Formerly known as East Reservoir, Divers Cove is an 7.3 acre lake where swimming enthusiasts can go out on the natural water to swim or scuba dive. The outdoor activity centre previously had a manual access control process, where they would ask attendees to fill out paper data forms, and pay for activities and food/drink using cash only. They came to Nutickets seeking a streamlined entry solution and safer storage of attendee's data. RFID technology was a great option for improving their current entry management process. To begin with, we added the option to top up 'swim' credits and membership passes at the ticket shop, to allow attendees to head straight into the water upon arrival. These credits could also be used for the on-site cafe, where swimmers can take a break and grab food and drink with a tap of their wristbands. To streamline the operational process at Diver's Cove, they implemented a tap in/tap out system, to track live attendance of swimmers, which is great for assessing how many people are allowed in the water at one time. Overall, they now have a simple way to enter attendees, a great way to track them and improved security with no paper based data being used.

If you are interested in using RFID technology for sporting activities, please contact us today and let's discuss your tailored solution.

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