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How to transform your events with event seating software

Event floor plans have been a hallmark of the events industry for decades. They've been used by theatres, conferences and venues alike to illustrate event layout and seating arrangements. But while event floor plans are used by venues, they’re not always integrated into the ticket buying process. And that’s a big lost opportunity.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, event organisers now have the ability to get creative with their event configurations. With the use of data and intelligent software, you can transform the customer experience like never before.

The event ticketing market is expected to show a revenue growth of 6.5% in 2024, which presents a big opportunity for success if you’re in this sector. So why wouldn’t you want to do it right?

One increasingly essential solution in this industry is event seating software. This innovative feature can provide your audience with the ability to choose exactly where they want to sit, including seated or standing options depending on the venue. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What is event seating software?

Event seating software helps event organisers showcase their venue space and offer reserved seating to customers whilst purchasing tickets. It’s often a feature within a ticketing platform, where customers can choose from different ticket types as they make a purchase online.

Combining traditional artistic skills with a simple drag-and-drop functionality, event seating software is quickly becoming one of the most-loved tools in the industry.

This clever piece of technology allows event organisers to design digital seating charts that customers can use to select exactly where they want to be seated. But more than just event seating layouts, the software can include price bands, tools to highlight the best seats, and options to purchase food, drink or merchandise on arrival.

It’s a clever planning tool that can be used for large festivals, corporate events, or even the arrangement of wedding seating. Whatever your event space looks like, a good seating software can make the event design process much easier and more efficient.

How will this solution enhance the booking process?

Before using our event management software, our clients handled all of their ticketing and seat allocation manually. This is often challenging, particularly at large-scale events. Our clients chose the Nutickets event seating feature to take their process completely digital. The software lets you recreate your unique venue with event diagramming – visually showing the use of seats and rows, and easily blocking out areas.

Organising a large event? Our support team is on hand to help you design your unique venue.

The benefits of using event seating

By creating a bespoke event seating plan, you instantly streamline your event experience, as you eliminate the need to physically guide audience members to their seats, saving a lot of time for both event staff and attendees.

Using Nutickets software can also help from a marketing perspective, by displaying real-time seat sales. Potential ticket buyers can see the tickets disappear quickly in front of their eyes, creating a buzz and encouraging them to take action. You could even share these stats on social media to spread the word. What's more, our built-in product shop enables you to upsell products and services with your tickets to maximise revenues.

Features of event seating software

Event planners of all kinds can benefit from seating software, but not all platforms have the same features and functionality. Once you understand what exists, you can weigh the benefits of the various solutions. Here are the top features to look for when evaluating potential platforms.

Intuitive design tools

You should be able to design your seating chart to fit your event needs. A seating chart maker means having a set of design tools that lets you replicate your unique venue without any workarounds or headaches. Being able to curve, skew, and manipulate elements like round tables, seat type, and row dimensions is essential. A bonus feature you should look out in your seating chart software for is drag-and-drop functionality; this will help with precise editing of your event layout.

Nutickets’ seating plan software has a range of seating chart templates to make the process easier – it even lets you upload a blueprint of your venue so you can trace over it!

Detailed Seating Reporting

Your platform should generate a range of sales, attendance and seat availability reports. And when you’re managing a large venue, it’s important to have a single place to manage it all. Being able to report on every metric from pre-sale, real-time, and post-event is the only way you’re able to make informed decisions.

Ticketing functionality

You’ve built your seating chart, now what? Having a platform that includes event ticketing is your sure-fire way to put your plan into practice. Building your plan and selling tickets from the same interface will save you complicated efforts to export, upload and reuse. In one efficient process you can create your seating chart, add tickets, and publish it live.

Mobile compatible

As of 2023, a stunning 73% of total eCommerce sales come from mobile users. So it’s key to have a seating chart that is mobile-friendly, or a large section of your audience won’t be able to use it. Look for platforms that are compatible with mobile browsers or offer stand-alone apps.

Website integration

Encourage a smooth customer journey by displaying your seating chart, and selling tickets directly from your website. Being able to keep your fans on your platform helps avoid third-party sites exposing your customers to competitor events.

Customer support

Planning events isn’t always straightforward, and adding in new software to the mix means things can quickly become frustrating. Choose platforms that offer comprehensive onboarding, rather than a ‘get started, do it yourself’ model. Look for additional support features like email, phone, and live chat support – they can be helpful when you just need a quick pointer.

Who uses event seating software?

Any venue that has seats, tables or areas that can be pre-booked would benefit from event seating software. But the primary users of this type of tool include:

Want to make a seating chart? Choose Nutickets.

1. Nutickets

Nutickets event seating software brings together all the tools to bring your venue to life. From an interactive online seating chart tool & floor plan builder to box-office ticketing, marketing and reporting — you can do it all in Nutickets.

Create professional, to-scale event seating charts in minutes with tools to add rows, tables or general admission areas.

Nutickets end-to-end event solutions mean all aspects of running events are at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate with registration, VIP guestlist, on-site check-in and online payments. You can use the features individually or harness them together for a powerful event experience.

You can even use it for virtual events; selling tickets for your online event is much easier with the right platform at your service.

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