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No More Musical Chairs: The Power of Reserved Seating Software

Have you ever used an online booking system to secure your spot at a concert, only to find yourself craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the stage? The artist, obscured by a sea of enthusiastic fans, can feel miles away. We've all been there.

But if you get to choose a great seat, it can transform your event experience from a simple attendance into an unforgettable night. The magic of music, the roar of the crowd, and the thrill of being part of something larger than life are all within reach with the right event management tool.

In the world of today’s event management, a user-friendly event ticketing platform is crucial. Letting customers choose their preferred seat means you can say goodbye to no-shows and hello to sold-out shows and a healthy waitlist.

Whether it's a foot-stomping concert, a nail-biting football match, an enlightening conference, or a captivating theatre performance, where we sit can really define how much we enjoy it.

However, as we navigate the world in the wake of the pandemic, the dynamics of event attendance have changed. The challenge is no longer just about securing the best view, but also ensuring safety and compliance. As a result, event organisers worldwide are embracing the need for better control over their venues, turning to reservation systems like Nutickets' seat reservation software.

What to look for in reserved seating software

Reserved seating software is a powerful tool, designed to maximise the potential of your venue and streamline your event management process. At its core, it offers an interactive seating plan to customers, allowing them to make online reservations, choose their ideal viewing location, and give them the best chance of a brilliant event experience.

So, how should a top-notch reserved seating software function?

Firstly, it should provide a clear visual representation of your venue. That’s not always been easy to achieve, but nowadays you can set up an interactive seating chart that customers can click on to select their preferred seats. Whether it's rows of seats in a theatre or tables at a gala dinner, the seating chart should accommodate different types of seating arrangements. The system you choose needs to make this easy for you to set up and easy for customers to use.

Secondly, the software should offer real-time adaptability to changing circumstances, especially in a post-COVID world. It should be equipped with design features that allow venues to comply with social distancing guidelines, including the ability to block seats or rows, making sure the necessary spacing is maintained.

The software should be able to enhance your online payments with flexible ticket pricing, giving the ability to set prices based on seat location. This allows for dynamic pricing for 'best in house' seats while also offering affordable options at checkout. This not only maximises profitability but also gives customers a bigger range of choices to suit their budget.

It should also provide extensive customisation options. From replicating the unique layout of your venue to adding guides and grids for precision, the software should allow you to tailor the seating plan to best match the actual environment.

Lastly, the software should be user-friendly for both the event organisers and the attendees. It should offer easy management of large seating plans without lag or delay and provide a clear and easy-to-navigate interface for customers, making the process of seat reservation as smooth as possible.

The benefits of reserved seating in ticketing software

Now that we've discussed what a reserved seating feature should include, let's delve into the numerous benefits it offers to event organisers and venue owners.

1) Enhanced customer experience

The primary benefit of reserved seating is the enhancement of the user experience. When customers have the autonomy to choose their preferred seating, it personalises their event journey. This freedom of choice, combined with an interactive and user-friendly booking system, significantly boosts customer satisfaction. Dynamic pricing lets buyers select seats based on their budget, further tailoring the experience to their needs.

2) Interactive visual venue maps

Reserved seating software gives event organisers a powerful suite of tools for full customisation. This includes the ability to replicate the unique layout of your venue, add design elements, and create a seating plan that truly represents your space. This level of detail allows for accurate seat booking in every corner of a venue - even those with awkward or asymmetrical layouts.

The flexibility to adapt and modify the seating chart as per changing requirements adds another layer of convenience.

3) Blocking areas and keeping safe

In a post-pandemic world, safety is still part of many venues’ playbooks. Reserved seating software can serve as an end-to-end tool in adhering to social distancing practice. Specifically designed features like blocked seats / rows and clearly marked spacing reassure attendees about safety measures in place. This not only helps to comply with health guidelines, but also goes a long way in making the guest experience feel safe and comfortable. While social distancing isn’t as important as it once was, this feature is still useful for dealing with group bookings or custom layouts for special events.

4) Easy management and adaptability

Efficient management is at the heart of successful event organisation. Reserved seating software helps you manage large seating plans without lag or delay. It provides precision tools like grids and guides, making the task of designing a seating plan easier and more accurate. The software's adaptability to various event types, from concerts to conferences, makes it a versatile tool in the event management arsenal. This ease of use not only saves time and effort, but also provides a seamless experience for event organisers.

Reserve your seat in the future of events with Nutickets

The importance of good seating in shaping the event experience can’t be overstated. A well-located seat not only enriches enjoyment of the event but also increases the likelihood of people returning for future occasions.

Reserved seating software can be a transformative tool for any event organiser. It enhances the customer experience through personalised seat selection, gives full customisation to mirror the unique layout of your venue, ensures safety and compliance with social distancing measures, and simplifies the management process.

Imagine the ticket-buying process with Nutickets’ seat reservation software. A customer sees one of your marketing campaigns on social media. They click through and head to your website on their mobile device. They decide to buy tickets for your upcoming concert, and get two seats with a perfect view. The ticketing platform is fully branded in your visuals, and thanks to the backend inventory management they’re able to add-on a merchandise pre-order too.

Nearer the event, they get real-time notifications of performance times and the concert goes smoothly. There’s no overcrowding or double-booking thanks to your access control. The customer’s details are saved to your CRM and soon enough they’re delighted to hear you’re putting on another event.

With extensive integrations with other platforms (like credit card payment and ecommerce platforms) along with a flexible API, Nutickets is an all-in-one ticket-selling platform like no other.

Reach out to our customer support to arrange a free demo, and let's create some unforgettable events together.

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