Reserved seating revamps the Frightfest booking experience

Reserved Seating, 10 July

By Ellena Mole

Visualisation. Simplicity. Speed. They're just three of the ways that implementing reserved seating software can give your events a boost. But how? Let's take a look at how one of our clients, Frightfest, utilises this feature in order to enhance the experience for their fans.

Read all about it, if you dare...

Frightfest is a horror fantasy film festival showcasing some of the most bone-chilling independent movies the world has to offer. It takes place annually in London on August bank holiday weekend, and this year, it returned for the 18th time. Thrill-seekers from across the globe flock to England's capital to revel in the gruesome tales that the event displays.

Why Frightfest turned to our online solution

Before our system was in place, the venue handled all of their ticketing and seating allocation manually, which proved to be challenging at times. Fans were queuing up for hours or even camping on the streets of London to make sure they secured their ticket to terror. The organisers knew that they wanted to change this, so they turned to Nutickets for help. That's where online ticketing and our reserved seating software stepped in to save the day.

How our reserved seating software transformed the terror-fest

Not only did we make it possible for Frightfest to create a virtual venue with our reserved seating software, we also enabled them to create various ticket types. There are currently three types of tickets on offer for fans:

  • Full pass: grants access to any of the films throughout the 5 day event
  • Day pass: allows fans to see as many films as they like during one day of the event
  • Single pass: admits attendees to one film

The Nutickets system has enabled fans to select their desired seats from a bespoke, colour-coded seating plan, depending on which pass they hold. For example, Frightfest have chosen to reserve some areas of the screens for certain ticket types which are shown in a different colour to single passes. This means that the most coveted seats in the house are set aside for those with a full pass or day pass, tempting fans into upgrading their tickets to make sure they’re treated to the best view for the entire event.

Seeing availability in real-time creates a real hype in the lead-up to the event, as everyone can see seats being booked as it happens. This works as a powerful way to showcase Frightfest’s phenomenal popularity, as tickets tend to sell fast as soon as they’re released.

Frightfest’s online booking system shows seats disappearing as soon as they’re reserved

The booking process became much easier for fans and organisers, as everything could now be handled online. Their fully mobile optimised ticket shop has enabled thrill-seekers to book their tickets from anywhere, on the go.

Our entry management app has drastically reduced the long queues at the door, as on arrival, pass holders can be easily verified with a quick scan of their e-tickets.

Nutickets reserved seating software enables you to recreate any venue with bespoke layouts. It helps you to make the whole process easier for your staff and attendees. Transform the way your booking system works today.

If you fancy following in the footsteps of Frightfest, contact us here!

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