Prevent double booked seats at your events

Reserved Seating, 27 April

By Adam Mason

Accidental double booking of seats is frustrating for both event-goers and organisers. They cause confusion, especially at reserved seating events, and negatively impact the customer experience. But no more!

Our Reserved seating solution has always prevented the issue of double booking of seats, but in our latest update we have expanded the feature to go one step further! Now, if your event-goer selects a seat and presses the "book now" button, the seating plan is instantly updated by taking that seat off sale, showing that it is not available for any other customer - all in real time!

Why is this so powerful?

It's not just about preventing double bookings! Seeing the seats disappear in real-time demonstrates the popularity of your event, adding a real sense of urgency to book. No one would want to miss out on the best seats! This has been proven to help sell out events even faster and substantially improves conversion rates. When combined with our other reserved seating innovations, such as a fully mobile optimised booking flow, you're guaranteed to provide a unique and delightful booking experience.

This feature works seamlessly on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Find out more about reserved seating or contact us to request a demo!

Adam Mason - About Author

Customer Relations Executive aka our Software Guru. Adam is passionate about providing bespoke solutions to our clients and supporting them throughout their journey. 

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