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How Theater Ticketing Software Can Revolutionise Your Box Office

If you manage a theater, you know how hectic things can get with an inefficient system. Especially on a busy Saturday night.

Long lines, stressed-out door staff and seats that haven’t been allocated properly. What a nightmare.

Luckily, scenarios like this are what theater ticketing software was invented for. With the right software, not only does your box office run more smoothly, but you can streamline the running of entire events.

From seating management to merchandise sales, there's more to it than simply selling tickets – although there are plenty of ways to improve that part too.

Here's how this new technology can revolutionise your theater, and what you need to look for when choosing a system of your own.

Why use theater ticketing software?

With theater ticketing software, you have all the benefits of online ticketing (like customer convenience and the ability to track sales in real-time) but integrated with your on-site point of sale (POS) system.

For example, it makes for a great way of staying organised with customer bookings. Not only can these systems be used for taking payments via debit or credit card, but many of them can also integrate with your CRM. So they can even send out automatic email reminders to your customers letting them know when the performance starts and finishes.

But most of all, they bring all your box office needs into one unified system.

It’s a smart way of using smart software, automation, and physical tech to give ticket buyers a smooth, user friendly experience alongside multiple payment options.

Who uses this sort of event ticketing software?

Performing arts organisations putting on plays and shows. Nonprofits running fundraisers. Individual venues looking to run the ultimate live event. And anyone in event management looking for a ticketing platform that just works.

Essential features to look for in theater ticketing software

If you’re on the lookout for a system that’ll transform your box office, here’s a few things to watch for that’ll make the biggest impact.

Venue seating plans

One of the most useful features any theater ticketing software can have is the ability to create and manage venue seating plans. With this in place you can accurately allocate seats for events and give customers more control over their ticket-buying experience.

Nutickets' box office software, for example, lets you build custom seating charts for the exact layout of your theater. In a few simple clicks, you can define blocks, seats and rows – no complicated design skills needed. It'll handle curved or angled rows, and lets you set different zones and premium seating. You can even upload an image or plan of your seating and trace over it directly into the system.

Smart ticketing options are available when rending your chart. Enabling settings like ‘prevent orphan seats’ prevents the ticket buyer from leaving single seats when booking.

For attendees, this all means that they can choose their favourite seats when they're buying a ticket, via desktop or mobile device. They can purchase reserved seating through your own website, with a familiar user interface, without getting redirected to confusing external sites.

Sell tickets seamlessly

Selling tickets is, of course, the primary purpose of a box office – so it's important to do it really well.

Seamless ticket sales, for both in-person and online events, are a must for modern customers. If they're passing by your venue and want to pop in and pick up a ticket – great. But if they don't want to make the journey, or it's not convenient, they need the option to purchase online or via mobile.

Some outdated box office systems make this difficult, but a smart software platform will integrate everything together.

Nutickets box office ticketing app enables you to quickly handle on-the-door transactions. So you can sell tickets, accept multiple payment types, and print passes on the go.

You'll also want to offer a range of ticket options, like premium seating, merchandise bundles, or accessible seats. These aren't so easy to do with paper tickets or multiple systems – but a single, unified platform should make this possible.

Look for Ticketing platforms that provide discounted prices, or reduced ticket fees, to nonprofits. By offering reduced ticket fees, these platforms can make it possible for theaters to access top-class ticketing solutions without breaking the bank.

Access control

Theater ticketing software also allows you to effectively manage access control. Entry management is a really useful feature, especially on busy nights where your door staff are likely to be run off their feet.

Instead of having to check paper tickets manually, or having to figure out digital tickets bought from various different vendors, a dedicated box office system makes life much easier for your door staff. It means they can simply use a digital device to scan mobile tickets upon entry. It also allows access management to different zones in a venue depending on what type of ticket someone has (e.g. general admission, VIP, backstage access etc.)

Pre-purchasing of merchandise

Another key feature of theater ticketing software is the ability to pre-sell merchandise before the event, such as clothing, accessories, or even food and drink.

Theaters have more to offer their customers, and these items tend to have a good profit margin and can be sold to a captive audience.

Look for ticketing software that allows customers to conveniently reserve items before they arrive, meaning guaranteed hey want without having to wait in long queues.

Upselling items like this at the point of ticket purchase can be super useful for lifting overall event revenue.

White-label branding

Ideally, theater ticketing software should give you the option for white-label branding, which allows you to customise the experience according to your brand identity and standard messaging. With a white-label platform, you can create 100% customizable event pages, registration, and ticket designs.

Through this feature, you can create an easy, familiar experience for customers, and they won't have to register for yet another external ticket provider.

Excellent customer experience

Ultimately, the success of your theater ticketing software will depend on the quality of the overall customer experience.

This means that when attendees turn up at the door, their arrival experience is nothing short of a delight. You can surprise them with slick technology, minimal queuing, great customer support and an easy check-in. This increases the chances they'll tell their friends on social media and bring them along next time.

Upgrade your box office with Nutickets

Nutickets' ticketing system gives event organizers the features and flexibility they need to provide a world-class ticketing experience for customers. With an intuitive interface, innovative seating management options, and customisable functionality, Nutickets will help take your theater operations to the next level.

With our ticketing solution, you can run your box office system from anywhere and turn your smartphones into ticket scanners with our mobile app.

You can integrate your preferred payment methods like Stripe, Paypal or others, and get instant payouts as you make sales.

With a great box office system in place, all you have to concentrate on is putting on a great show.

If you'd like to see how Nutickets can bring your event ticketing into the next generation, contact us to arrange a demo.

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