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Payment links: A new way to pay for tickets over the phone

A lot of people may think it’s strange that a digital software company would focus on telesales features when only a small percentage of sales happen by phone.

But we’ve found that on average, customers telephone companies at least once at some point, and if they handle the call well, they have an opportunity to create an impact and a lasting memory.

Venues receive tons of phone calls every day, and it’s just as important we help our customers to deliver the very best customer service.

That’s why today we’re introducing payment links, an alternative way for customers to pay for tickets over the phone.

What are payment links?

Payment links are a URL you can send to a customer to complete a purchase. Shoppers can check out their orders in one click, in their own time.

So how are these useful?

They’re fast, secure, and convenient.

Let’s focus on security first. The truth is, that giving the details of your credit card over the phone can be daunting, especially to first-time buyers.

Now, payment links offer an alternative. Instead, venues can send a link to customers that allows them to check out their order online.

But, that’s not all.

They’re a great sales tool. Say someone phones your helpline for information about an event. They don’t own tickets yet but want to find out more.

As the call concludes, call operators can send off a payment link to the tickets for the event they just spoke about. With one click their order information is pulled up, and they can checkout tickets immediately.

This makes it easier for event organisers to narrow the gap between browsing and buying.

You can almost look at payment links as a reserve now, buy later function.

A lead booker of a group might reserve 7 tickets via a payment link. Now, they can collect all the cash from their friends before diving back in to purchase the order.

Payment Links — Checkout orders with one click

With payment links, there’s no need to remember every detail of your order or type in your credentials for the one-millionth time. Customers can breeze through checkout in one click.

Not only do you delight shoppers, but you also benefit from increased security and peace of mind.

A seamless checkout experience improves conversion and drives repeat business. That’s why we’re developing new features to help Nutickets users turn potential customers to repeat shoppers.

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