Nutickets revamp cashless payments for 2022

Product Updates, 18 May

By Ethan

We've been offering cashless solutions for over 5 years, and with it have processed countless touch-free transactions. Now that we're several years into its existence, we're delighted to relaunch cashless payments for 2022.

We first started developing this update when the first restrictions were placed on the UK, and we have to admit it took a bit longer than expected.

The truth is, cashless payments today are an entirely different challenge. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of touch-free payments, and we had to make sure we adjusted our technology to keep up with the new frontier.

As we took a deep dive into the new wave of cashless, we saw opportunities to improve so much more at once. Not only some bug fixes here and there but some very important features that were requested often by our users and at the top of our wishlist for a long time.

And so, this update has turned out to be a complete relaunch with new features and improvements that take Nutickets cashless to the next level.

What’s new?


Starting with customer trends, the priority is always the user experience. 

Our update improves the ease with which customers can pass security checks and make top-up payments; with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options available directly from their mobile devices.

The customer eWallet is the bridge between cash and the cashless method you use, enabling customers to load up their cashless account pre-event and make extra top-ups in real time without top-up stations.

With an eWallet in place, life is a little bit easier for merchants and their customers and operators only need to run a single cashless system with us, rather than offer a dozen different payments onsite.

Cashless payment options

We’ve found that fans spend a lot more money when using a cashless system, particularly via a wristband. In some cases, our customers even noted a doubling of expenditure at events. 

With the new cashless system in place, fans can access venues and events faster than ever and use their wristbands to make purchases on site. 

Valuable data collected helps organisers to gain a deeper understanding of their fan’s desires and leveraging real-time insights and traffic analytics allows organisers to eliminate bottlenecks, enhancing the overall user experience. 

100% offline

All of this cashless technology has enabled us to power events in some of the most inspiring, and remote locations in the world.

To cater for wider adoption in developing countries, we have to provide solutions against network speeds, and Wi-Fi blackspots, in remote locations.

That’s why we’re introducing offline cashless payments. 

With technical barriers out of the equation, we can deploy cashless in even the most rural parts of the world.

Nutickets revamp cashless payments

Cashless should rise above the complexities of implementation and help event organisers focus on things that really matter - like data, aesthetics, and customer interactions. 

That is why the technologies that make up cashless and produce quick, secure, and efficient transactions also need to maximise the guest experience. 

Cashless forms part of a development project that has seen Nutickets completely rebuilt from the ground up over the last 2 years, this software revamp includes new features and a fresh, more intuitive user experience that includes advanced customisation capabilities.

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