Introducing: Product Bundles, Assemble Items Together

Product Updates, 06 January

By Ethan

Today we’ve added a new product bundles feature that will allow customers to create bundles of products and sell them as a unit on our platform. We’re excited to ship this important feature that was requested often by our users and at the top of our wishlist for a long time.

A product bundle is a proven marketing strategy that involves combining two or more products together and offering them to the customer in one combined package

Up-selling and product bundling are clever ways to increase your average order value. Having a bunch of products in one place just makes it easier for the customer and helps eliminate some of that thinking time before purchasing.

Now Nutickets customers can experiment with all kinds of personalized product bundles, bulk discount packages, and assemble products like tickets, products, and cashless top-ups.

Product bundling is an easy way to make your offer more attractive to customers, increase their order value, and balance your inventory. A win-win for all!

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