Nutickets makes tickets design amazingly simple for everyone

Product Updates, 31 March

By Ethan

Today, we are excited to launch our event media centre, allowing everyone to create professional ticket designs.

Ticket design isn’t just for marketers, webmasters and designers.  You can now take control of your ticketing on a completely visual canvas. Nutickets will then translate your design into clean, tickets that are ready to publish to the web or print. 

It’s simple. You create the ticket types you need, add content, then design it visually. 

A big part of why organisers choose Nutickets is the many ways we enable them to sell tickets without compromising their brand. The event media centre is part of a series of product updates that continue this long-standing commitment to our customers.


An alternative to previously fragmented event design tools

How your tickets look is often at the mercy of your event provider. This usually follows a set template with very little option for customisation.  

But we know event organisers' creative power that goes way beyond templates. 

Nutickets event media lets you build any ticket design you can imagine in a visual canvas. That includes adding interchangeable images, icons, illustrations, and a choice of whatever event information you want to show.

The launch of Nutickets event media means you can now create tickets for mobile wallets, PDF and print all on the same platform.

Built for enterprise-scale growth

Ticketing companies have a habit of adding their own intrusive logo - but that’s not our style. We’re proud to allow event organisers to put their brand at the heart of their events.

We prefer to focus on the technology and give you a chance to pioneer your brand. Instead, we like to keep building the next big thing for our event organisers. Whether that’s a game-changing integration like Stripe Terminal or the launch of our new box office application.

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