Bulk Coupon Creation: Thousands of unique discount codes in seconds

Product Updates, 10 August

By Ethan

Creating coupons is an important part of any event’s promotional strategy. With this in mind, and in response to the requests we’ve heard from you, we’re excited to launch a new coupon creation tool that will make it easier.

We’re all familiar with coupons, discount codes, promotions - whatever you want to call them. They allow buyers to purchase items at a reduced cost when they type in a special code during checkout. 

But with this new tool, you’ll be able to generate up to 10,000 unique discount codes when creating a new promotion.

That means, any settings on the original discount code, will copy across to the rest, and any changes made to the original will also trickle down.

So when you want to run personalised, targeted promotions you can generate thousands of randomly generated coupons in just a few clicks. 

Of course, all the other features that organisers love about promotions are part of bulk coupon creation. You can still choose between fixed-value or percentage discounts for one, some or all the items in the shopping basket.

We’ve given you the option to export your list of discount codes, so you can upload it to an email provider like Mailchimp, and send the unique codes to individual customers.

And when it comes to reporting, you can see which individual codes have been redeemed, and how many times they’ve been used (if the code isn’t single-use).

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