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Nutickets brings code-free web design to your events

Today, we are excited to launch a way to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually — without coding.

Despite designers' efforts to make websites look great, they have always been at odds with ticketing companies, hindered by limited tools and slow-moving standards.

You'll build a beautiful website and have to add an iframe, a highly technical integration, or worse yet, redirect to a third-party ticketing provider.

The sad fact is most ticketing companies are severely lacking in great tools specifically for web design.

That's why we've built a better way. We’ve created a web design environment that empowers event organisers to build websites that do more.

Nutickets brings code-free web development to your events

You can now build websites that fit your brand, voice or idea. The visual editor makes it easy to structure content types like landing pages, blog posts and product pages.

You don't have to be a coder, and sweat about the technical stuff. We've built it so you can drag in production-ready HTML elements, and style everything else directly on the page.

We've included multiple designer-built headers, templates and layouts. Mix and match the elements and insert unique combinations within each of your pages.

Design around your events

Blocks are the elements on the page that determine the structure and layout. Aside from the elements that give you the look and feel you want, we've also added dynamic block types.

So, if you’re creating a page, you’ll be able to add in things like event listings, articles and blogs.

The benefits are aplenty: Naturally feature upcoming events on your homepage, or show recommended events on featured pages.

You can set these blocks to show events by 'recently added' or go custom, and only show events with certain tags or types.

So now you can define, design, and show off events wherever your customer is on your website.

Build forms from scratch

Forms can often leave you with a rigid series of empty white boxes consuming space on your site.

The truth is most web forms turn out incredibly boring.

But, they don't have to be. We've included a new form builder, that allows you to apply your own spin to boost form submissions.

You can set up a range of data capture questions, from name and address to phone number, email, and everything in between.

But form design is as much how it’s presented, as to how it looks. The age of stuffing your form at the bottom of your website is over. You can apply your form to any page, and then adjust the design to the flow right at every possible resolution.

Transforming event design

At Nutickets, we’re working on putting design front and centre, getting away from stagnant creativity tools. With our latest product developments from our website, to our ticket designer, we're opening up the power of design and development to event organisers.

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