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Nutickets event organizers can now accept cash payments at Mexico's top corner store OXXO

At Nutickets, we believe accessibility and convenience aren't luxuries, they're essentials. It’s part of our mission to make event ticketing a breeze, anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Our latest integration with OXXO payments means our Mexican users and event attendees can pay with cash at their local store.

Here’s how it works: Event attendees will choose their tickets on the Nutickets platform and select OXXO as their payment method. Then they will receive a voucher with a reference number for the transaction, which they can pay in cash at any OXXO store.

OXXO is a giant in Latin America with command of nearly 20% of online transactions in Mexico. This partnership provides our users with a convenient, safe, and effective method of purchasing event tickets in the region.

Completing transactions via OXXO ensures everyone can participate in the events they love, regardless of their access to traditional banking systems.

OXXO Payments with Nutickets – Here’s How

It's straightforward to get started as OXXO payments are part of our Stripe integration. If you already have Stripe configured, then you can head over to your Stripe dashboard and activate OXXO payments.

With that done, head back over to your Nutickets dashboard. Navigate to 'settings' and look for 'payment methods'.

You’ll find the new OXXO payment method under the 'vouchers' category. It's just a click away from activation.

Voila! You're good to go!

Expanding Payment Options at Nutickets

Our customers in Mexico have spoken and we've responded, reflecting our belief at Nutickets in maintaining an open and responsive loop of communication.

It is our aim to constantly increase the range of localized payment alternatives, giving our users the liberty to choose what suits them best.

Just this year, we have diversified our payment methods and grown our portfolio to include:

We're not stopping here; let us know what you want to see next!

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