How to set up Virtual Events

language.nan, 16 April

By Elliot Pritchard-Brown

The new Virtual type allows you to sell tickets and broadcast live streams directly on your website using the Nutickets virtual events platform, offering a secure and private way to host live stream events. 

This event type allows the organiser to securely host a Vimeo, Youtube or Zoom live stream with additional feature support for live chat, polls and Q&As. Customers who bought tickets will be able to access the stream directly from the 'My Account’ section.

Please note: This guide assumes you have already chosen your live video provider and have the link for your first live stream ready to go. If not, please read this guide to help you choose and set up a live streaming video provider.

In this guide, you will learn:

  1. How to create a Virtual Event
  2. How your attendees can access the live stream

1 - Create an Virtual Event

1.1  Set up the event

Setting up a Virtual Event is similar to setting up other event types in the system, however, there are a few slight differences. 

To set up a Virtual Event:

  • Go to ‘Event > Add Event’
  • Select ‘Virtual Event' to proceed
  • Fill out the relevant event details such as name, start/end time of the live stream, etc.
  • Scroll down to ‘Event Live Stream’ and select your chosen video provider


1.2 Input your Live Stream link

Once you have chosen and set up your live streaming provider, under the ‘Stream Link’ field, you can add the event stream link. The system will validate the link to make sure the link you have inputted is correct. The stream will be displayed inside your event page but access will be restricted to ticket holders only. For more information on setting up your live streaming provider, click here.


1.3 Enable chat on the stream page (optional)

If you are live streaming via Vimeo or YouTube, you can enable the live chat by clicking 'Display live chat on streaming page'. This Live chat allows you to interact with your attendees and will be displayed inside your event stream page.  

Please note: This feature is not currently available when live streaming via Zoom. 

1.4  Add tickets & preview your event

Once you have created your Virtual Event, add a ticket by going to Online Tickets > Add Ticket and adding a ticket. Customers who purchase this ticket will be granted access to the steam from the 'My Account' section of the site.

You can preview how your Virtual Event appears to your customers by clicking the ‘View event’ button.


2 – Access the live stream

2.1 Select the Virtual Event 

Attendees will be able to purchase tickets to access your Virtual Event from your company event listing page or via the event link, as shown below: 


2.2 Check your confirmation email

After purchasing a ticket, attendees will receive a confirmation email indicating when the Live Stream will be available and how to access the stream.


2.3 Access the live stream via My Account

The stream will be live at the start date/time the event was set up and attendees will be able to access the virtual event from the 'My Account' section of the system; otherwise, the system will display that the stream is not yet available. When customers access the stream, their ticket reference is added to the end of the URL of the stream. This means that only customers with a valid ticket are able to view the stream.


Once the stream is live, attendees can click ‘View Stream’ where they will be redirected to the event stream page. 



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