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Manage your event’s guestlist with mobile app for Android & iOS

Imagine this: you arrive at an event only to find a long, unorganised line. At the end of it, you see one person with a pencil and paper, frantically checking tickets and manually scanning names. The event has already begun in your mind, and it isn’t off to a great start just yet.

The lesson is that your check-in process sets the tone for your event.

Thankfully, the event organiser's life has got a whole lot easier thanks to digital guest list management. It’s no joke, one of our partners’ favourite features is the guestlist functionality that comes with our Access Control app.

As well as avoiding this nightmare scenario, other benefits of a guest list manager include:

Sell discounted tickets with a guest list

You can offer discounted tickets without showing them to the general public. Exclusive tickets that are only valid with a guest list entry can be bought online, and password-protected to ensure that your tickets don't get in the wrong hands.

Know your fans on the spot

Our guestlist app aims to make the registration process fast and easy for both your customers and staff. When scanning a ticket your on-site team can quickly see at a glance the customer's ticket type, check-in time, seat number or any other details you collect during purchase.

Secure guest list manager

A strong security layer is the best way to keep uninvited guests away. Protect your next party by better vetting your guests. Our system allows hosts to deny access to anyone who RSVP, while still allowing confirmed guests to enter.

Instant check-in with QR Code/ Barcode

When guests arrive at your event, your staff and volunteers can use smartphones and our mobile app to easily scan their tickets and verify guest lists. All devices will sync, meaning that if one staff member checks in a guest, all other staff members will instantly show that guest as “checked in.”


Track if an attendee is attempting to access your event or a restricted area more than once. Unlike a paper ticket and manual check-in, our guest list app helps you diminish ticket fraud since the ticket will be pre-verified with their information.

Making the most of guest lists and check-in

Use an Online Ticketing Provider

The important thing is that you make sure that the customer's data is transferred both to and from your event ticketing platform. This is what will make the process more effective. If you don't already have an event planning platform, look out for one that has its own guest list app so that there are no gaps in the flow of data between preparation for the event and the event itself.

Collects all relevant data from the check-in process

Data is noise when you don’t have it pinned down. Once you're done with the event, it's time to unpack the data and find out the value you've derived from this allocation. A solution that collects relevant data will give you the insights you need to inform event strategy and improve performance.

Use RFID bracelets

RFID bracelets are one of the most popular new trends in the industry. RFID bracelets for events are kind of like digital tickets and work like any other digital pass. Events often use this technology in conjunction with other traditional methods of check-in like mobile tickets.

Be prepared for the worst

Knowing the unpredictability of events in unique and often remote venues, your check-in software and guest list app should be able to scan without being connected to wi-fi. The last thing you need is a group of unhappy guests who’ve been waiting for the ticket scanner to reconnect to the internet.

An event platform to master check-in and guest lists

We recommend going for a partner that can offer you more than just guest lists, for example, one that can also offer things like registration, customer management, marketing and access control system. Bundling these together into one deal leaves you with more time to focus on the important stuff, like actually running your event!

‍If you’re interested in finding out more about how Nutickets can help you streamline your events from registration to guest lists, contact us today. Our friendly team would love to hear from you!

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