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Everything You Need To Know About Box Office Systems for Theatres

Modern technology has allowed companies to develop management systems that create efficiency, streamline processes, and increase return on investment (ROI). However, the live entertainment industry still relies on outdated technology and time-consuming processes, which prevent them from taking steps needed to meet customers’ expectations.

Adoption of cutting-edge technology tools like a box office system, or theatre ticketing software, can restructure company operations and increase customer satisfaction. These tools can help theatre companies to know their audience, understand who bought their tickets, and who entered their venue.

The integration of theatre ticketing software streamlines the operations of the venue and gives employees a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Research shows that 71% of users in the EU shopped online in 2019 with that number expected to rocket in the next few years. Online ticket sales are a must for every theatre to increase their revenue. Read on!

Features of Theatre Ticketing Software

A box office system provides a wide range of features and benefits to a theatre company and it’s customers. Today, there are many software tools available online. However, not all of them deliver top-notch user experiences and drive sales. We’re often left wondering what we should look for in a box office system, what we should consider, and what the benefits are. This guide will explore in detail the features of best in class theatre ticketing software.

Advanced Event Management

A high-quality box office system has many event management features, such as seating charts, audience check-in, and communication features.

Reserved Seating Software allows theatre managers to sell tickets online from their website and let attendees choose their seats. Event organisers can design and manage digital seating plans for their venue and track how ticket sales are progressing.

Likewise, advanced data capture features enable you to get a better understanding of your customers. Use the data to keep in contact with your attendees, enhance your relationships, and drive more ticket sales.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

In 2020, over 274 million Americans accessed the internet via mobile devices. Currently, around 83% of people in the U.S are mobile internet users. Considering this, it is essential to choose theatre ticketing software that has a mobile-friendly user interface, easy navigation, and responsive design. Your staff and customers should find it friendly and intuitive.

Your box office system should incorporate mobile ticketing. Customers can access their theatre tickets directly from their mobile devices or in your ticketing app. Combining mobile ticketing with access control for theatre staff, your venue can admit customers with just a scan of their phones.

Customer Data and Reporting

Reporting and analytics are pivotal to giving a clearer picture of the vital areas of your theatre’s operations. Choose a box office system that offers reporting tools that can monitor and provide insights. The software should enable theatre managers to analyse key event data like ticket sales, refunds, and customer demographics. But advanced reporting suites can contain intelligent tools to help in the decision-making process, identify patterns, and provide performance reports.

With a host of reporting tools, you can build on the findings of previous events to give your theatre the best chance of success.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Having your events online is great. A box office system makes your events accessible so that customers can purchase tickets on the move. Now it’s your task to get your new platform in front of potential customers. To really elevate your theatre ticketing sales you need to integrate your marketing strategy.

A sophisticated box office system comes with tools that help a theatre company with just that. Built-in marketing tools can help you create promotional campaigns that convert those undecided customers. For example, you might offer a special ticket offer for new customers only. You can easily set this up within your box office system, track visits, sales, and success of the campaign.

You can track your campaigns as they happen and create a database that allows the event managers to learn about customers and gain valuable insights about what makes the show successful.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although there are 1.7 billion people on social media sites like Facebook, it is important to know that over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. Does your theatre ticketing software allows for integration with your website, and does it help rank your site on Google?

Your website is the face of your business and should be the home of your customers. Not only does it give you the chance to create customisable pages it also allows you to be found by new customers within the Google search results page. Choose a box office system that integrates with your website is key to laying the foundations for building your customer base.

24/7 Customer Support

The best box systems have attentive customer support from the software provider. Problems can arise at any time, which means theatre managers or software users must contact the customer support team at all hours.

Do your research and select a box office system that has a dedicated, professional, and well-trained support team that communicates through phone, email, and live chat tools.

Final Words

Theatre ticketing software is an excellent event management tool to streamline company operations, save time, satisfy customers, and increase revenue.

The Nutickets box office platform is designed for theatre venues. Our system encompasses all the features you need to put on a show like no other. Adopt a single box office system for all your theatre needs. Get in touch with our team to see it in action.

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