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The age of RFID technology

As we have progressed into this digital age, our day-to-day lives have adapted technology in so many ways. From contactless on transport services, to advanced attendee tracking at events, the ways in which we adapt RFID technology each day is ever-growing. It has been reported that the RFID range will be worth an estimated $13.4 billion by 2022 (IDTechEx, 2018), emphasising the global potential of this clever technology. So, with such financial capability, how and where can the different types of RFID tags be used?

Transport services

From tubes, to buses and trams, RFID payment systems are starting to become a popular way for commuters to pay for their travel on transport services across the globe. This has been proven with Transport for London (TfL) seeing 17 million contactless journeys every week (Intelligent Transport). With the ability to top up online or at transport stations, commuters can eliminate the need to queue for paper tickets, saving time. In addition, transport companies save money and time on operations such as ticket machine paper replacement.

Educational institutes

The ability to use a wristband and student top-up account to make payments for educational services is proving to be popular with both carers and student. However, this is more than just an exciting piece of equipment for children. The RFID system reduces accidental money loss, and creates a smooth payment process within educational institutes. Using this payment method can reduce queuing times for students, and can allow parents to feel confident that their money is stored securely in their account.

Sports tracking

The sporting industry has seen the implementation of the technology across several areas. One of which is race timers, which can now be made small enough to fit into clothes, shoes, or sport objects using an RFID tag, which can be used to collect accurate data on speed and race times. The tag can also be used for access control, such as season passes, memberships, and locker storage, where users can enter a venue, open a locker and play sports all on one RFID wristband. All the data collected from these wristbands can then be used for customer experience optimisation and future marketing communications.

Access control at events

Using an RFID card reader for your event can help you segment your crowds. For example, event organisers may adopt this technology when hosting an event and wishing to offer VIP access. The clever technology within the tags can provide attendees with the rights to different areas based on the ticket they purchased. Using an RFID system for access control therefore enables staff to only allow the appropriate people to gain access to specific areas, reducing security risks.

Attendee tracking

Event organisers now have the ability to analyse important real-time data to encourage accurate decision making before, during and after the event. Once attendees enter, they can access different areas with a quick tap, or get involved with multiple activities. The data captured helps staff track traffic flow and see where people are spending their money. RFID applications are also a great way to capture leads, as attendees can sign up to more information and future marketing communications with a quick tap of their badges or wristbands.

Cashless payments for events

With events taking place on a daily basis across the globe, organisers need to stay ahead of the curve in order to compete, and utilising cashless payments is one way to stand out from the competition. Using a cashless app, attendees can top-up their RFID wristband before attending an event. This allows them to make payments with a quick tap on an RFID reader when purchasing items such as merchandise or beverages within the event, making the venue completely cashless.

Want to learn how to adapt RFID technology within your business? Schedule a demo and join the cashless revolution today!

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