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Transform your staff party with cashless technology

With 1 in 10 adults living a largely cash free lifestyle (The Guardian), the limits of cashless technology are endless. RFID cashless payments are now being used across a variety of industries, from festivals, to conferences, to travel, and now - for your company’s party. We are fast approaching the season of overplayed Christmas songs and work staff parties, where you can use digital tokens to streamline your event, here’s how…

How does a digital token system work?

RFID wristbands can now be used in a variety of ways, one of which is to provide attendees with digital vouchers to spend at your event. This works by adding virtual currency to an RFID tag, then with a simple tap, the attendee can spend at their leisure. By using this, there is no need for cash, even if there is a limit to the tokens you wish to provide, attendees have the option to top up their wristbands with their own money.

Why should you use digital vouchers at your staff party?

Having this clever technology at your company party can improve the efficiency of your entire event. Firstly, with no need for cash, your attendees will have financial security with their tap and go wristbands. If you wish to pay for your staff to eat/drink, the amount you want to give them can be added to their wristband, rather than physical cash or tokens. When hosting different food and drink vendors, you can use the data collected on the wristbands to review the success of each stall, allowing you to make educated decisions on which vendors to have at future events. Offering a limited amount of credits to your wristband does not restrict attendees from spending, as you can use our cashless app to top up wristbands with more credits. The digitalisation of this voucher system is an easy way of streamlining all payments at your upcoming internal company event.

How our clients have used it?

In 2018, we worked with the well known Chivas Regal, who wanted to offer their whiskey fans some free digital tokens. Their event involved attendees sampling different cocktails across different bars - they used their pre-loaded RFID wristbands to redeem their cocktail samples with a quick tap. Earlier this year we partnered with Nespresso to help host their internal company event. Similar to Chivas Regal, they wanted to provide free drinks for the evening of their event. The guests were able to claim their free drinks at the bar with their white label RFID wristbands - reducing the need for cash and debit cards, overall improving the efficiency of their event.

If you're interested in improving your upcoming company event with our cashless system, then contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you!

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