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Access control for your venue: Features, uses, and impact

No matter how solid an event is, poor planning can quickly lead to chaos. We’ve all had an encounter where long waiting times have tarnished the entire event experience. The moment attendees step into your venue is a chance for you to set the tone on your customer's experience with your brand.

Over the last year, we've set up and managed events that have ranged from the small to the very big, and we've seen how easy it is to make mistakes that lead to long lines, unhappy attendees, and missed opportunities. The bottom line is that a good access system makes a big difference. We can help you to up to your game.

Smoother access with digital accreditation

Going digital is never a bad idea. With the global coronavirus outbreak, we’ve seen many venues around the world switch to online ticketing, replacing riskier paper tickets with digital counterparts. Online ticketing has proven itself to be reliable and easier to manage, providing a cheap and extremely speedy alternative to paper tickets.

A robust ticketing scanning system is more than just a convenient alternative — it can provide key benefits to the venue itself:

Control your entire venue with areas and access points

Multiple entry points are a big plus when you're organising events in a large venue. If you're selling tiered tickets, or your venue includes areas like age limited bars, and VIP access you want to make sure only the people with the right credentials are allowed in.

Managing entry points and setting up areas in a venue is simple with an access control system, like Nutickets. You’re able to limit access based on age, time of the day, ticket type and much more. You just add your area criteria and let the system take care of the rest.

Peace of mind with ticket scanners that are always connected

The nature of live events is that you never know what to expect, which means you have to be prepared for anything. Even if your access control system is offline, you can still scan tickets. With local data storage on each device, your event can still keep running while you're away from an Internet connection.

At Nutickets we’ve created a lineup of tools that let you easily integrate access control into your venue. From our free entry app lets you manage entry from your mobile phone, to our hardware integrations offer full bodied scanning at larger events.

Sell tickets for time slots to reduce overcrowding

Venues take measures to keep people safe. However, given the crowded nature of events and venues, it can be a challenge to control capacity. With timed ticketing, you can combat the two most common issues with high density events, overcrowding and guests who arrive late.

Selling tickets for specific entry times is an efficient way to know the exact number of people who are entering your event space at any moment. You’re able to spread out the number of visitors so that your team can better manage guest flow for staff and ensure a smooth, pleasant experience for attendees.

You don’t need to do any extra checks when guests arrive, their tickets and time slot will all be validated through the Nutickets scanning solution automatically.

Keep on top of the data

With access control you can benefit from the wealth of data provided by the platform. Each customer interaction is a key ingredient to helping you make smarter decisions.

From a dashboard, like Nutickets, you can monitor entry flow in real time, keep on top of capacity, and make proactive decisions based on the data. We know creating successful events isn’t just about selling tickets, so having an entire overview of your event, performance and customers can help you keep things on track.

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