RFID Access Control: The New Capacity Management Tool

Access control, 15 July

By Ethan

RFID access control is a technology being used to help venues to open for business. The technology is being used by event organisers as a capacity management tool. RFID powered ticket scanning systems give full visibility of traffic flows and help venues limit capacity. 

Nutickets multi-level access control system was designed with flexibility in mind. With a range of features to suit simple or complex venue setups.

Key features:

  • QR and RFID ticket scanning modes - Use QR of RFID technology with the Nutickets event check-in app.
  • Restricted areas - Set up restricted areas that can be accessed by specific tickets holders only, such as VIP areas.
  • Age verification - Customer details are stored on within their QR coded tickets or RFID wristbands. Making it quick & easy to verify access to age-restricted areas with just a scan.
  • Multiple access levels - Keep on top of crowd control. Limit how many times attendees can access areas.
  • Live capacity management - Track your venue’s footfall from your devices. View capacity figures in real-time and control entry to an area that's reached full capacity.
  • Real-time analytics - Analyse individual customer journeys, identify the most popular areas and keep a digital record of your venue’s footfall.

Long lines, box office issues and overcrowding are frustrating problems that need to be carefully managed. The latest Nutickets access control system tackles this head-on. 

Safe and Secure 

Improve security at your venue. The Nutickets event check in app takes care of validating your attendee credentials on arrival. Turn your smartphones into ticket scanners and get your attendees through the gates faster to reduce unwanted queues.

The ticket scanning system makes it impossible for attendees to gain unauthorised access to areas. The Event check in app will scan RFID wristbands and tickets on entry, eliminating human errors or fraud.

Capacity management system

Access control doesn’t stop at the door. Our latest crowd control solution makes it possible to grant attendees single or multiple access to areas at your venue. Control attendee access to VIP areas or backstage access for staff. 

Real-time analytics and reporting show you how attendees are moving through your venue. Identify the most popular areas and streamline traffic to provide a better customer experience. Have full crowd control, ensure safe visitor numbers, and avoid overcrowding. 

Know your customers

The Nutickets access control system opens up a whole new way to view your customer experience. 

Nutickets provides you with deeper customer data. Your attendee's information is stored on their RFID wristband or QR coded ticket. Name, email address, and date of birth are all details you can capture upon registration. 

Use this information to your advantage. Date of birth data can be used to limit attendee access to age-restricted areas. And customer demographic data might be used to inform future marketing. 


RFID Access Control

With the help of the Nutickets access control app, your Android devices can be transformed into RFID scanners. Customer's RFID wristbands can be preloaded with: access levels, personal details and credit for contactless payments. 

Added security: RFID wristbands contain unique identifiers that cannot be copied or shared, eliminating unauthorised access. 


Access Control for your Venue

We’ve helped business owners across the world evolve their venues. Reducing customer touchpoints, introducing contactless payments, and limiting venue capacity.  Read about how Nutickets Access Control system helped vineyard Freixenet to reopen during the Coronavirus pandemic in Mexico. 

Contact your Account Manager or get in touch via our website to find out how we can help you welcome back your customers with a contactless access control solution.

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