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Whether you are organising a party, conference, festival or other large event, we can provide event ticketing software tailored to your specific needs. Sell tickets online, manage and promote your events.

Ticketing Software for Event Organisers

White label box office solution for every event type. Create your fully branded event page tailored to your needs, integrated with your website and Facebook pages. Sell tickets online with allocated or unallocated seating and receive all funds directly into your bank account.

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Powerful white label box office

Fully mobile and tablet optimised ticket shop, Facebook page ticket app.

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Tailored for Every Event Type

Choose from a variety of event types. Create seating plans and sell tickets online with allocated seating. Manage attendance with event time slots. Organising a charity event? No problem. We are fully integrated with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to help your fundraising efforts.

Entry Management with Nutickets Entry App

Enhance your customer journey and reduce queues with laser-fast ticket and guest list scanning. The app operates online, offline and automatically syncs data.

Event Marketing Tools

Build your own customer database. Promote your events with targeted email campaigns and create a buzz on social media. The database is 100% yours to use and is completely secure, Nutickets is fully PCI and DPA compliant.

Mobile box office solution
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Sell more

Increased Sales & Revenue

Create an online shop and upsell additional products and merchandise with your tickets. Sell more tickets online! Utilise your customers as ambassadors by offering incentives in return for promoting your events on social media.

Improve your event success

Real Time Reporting

Analyse your event success. Powerful real time data is available on ticket sales, promotions and event performance, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Full list of our tickets features

Payment processing

We integrate with all the most popular payment processing providers, local and international.

Custom event types

Customise your event page with a variety of event types such as timeslot, group events, allocated seating or registration

Facebook Ticketshop integration

Maximise your event visibility with the ability to post to fan pages through Nutickets, and options for encouraging attendee sharing.

Data capture

Tailor your information gathering down to the ticket type and build a powerful CRM

WordPress Plugin

Seamlessly integrate the Nutickets platform into your website with our WordPress plugin

Membership sales

Reward loyal fans and offer special incentives and discounts to your members

Secure ticket transfers

Eliminate ticket fraud and harmful secondary markets by allowing quick and easy ticket transfers

Multiple ticket types

From single tickets to group purchases, reserved seating or table bookings, we cover all your ticketing needs

Ticket sharing

Customers can easily share multiple tickets with their friends, increasing your reach and speeding up door entry

Wireless printing

Print wristbands or badges instantly upon scanning a ticket with identification for access control and in conjunction with the cashless solution


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