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Uncover the Secrets to Thriving Fundraising Events – Join us at the Fundraising Convention!

We’re excited to announce that Nutickets is proud Sponsor of the Community, Events and Volunteers Fundraising (CEV) Track at the Fundraising Convention this year! The Fundraising Convention organised by the Institute of Fundraising is the biggest 3-day event taking place in London between 3rd and 5th July 2017, giving event organisers, fundraising managers, marketing professionals and volunteers the opportunity…

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Cashless Revolution in the Event Industry

In today’s rapidly developing world of touch & go transactions, more and more stores and public transport networks are turning towards quick contactless payments. Cash is losing its importance. Your smartphone is now not just your computer, radio and sat-nav but also your bankcard…. we are fast becoming a cashless society! So why is cashless technology so powerful?…

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Ticketing Technology Empowers Event Organisers to Fight Ticket Touting!

Ticket reselling has been a constant issue for event organisers as well as theatre, concert, sports or other event goers. The digital age has just made it easier for scalpers to buy large quantities of tickets as soon as the sale goes live, then sell tickets online at a higher price on ticket broker websites, sometimes with 300 –…